Learn more Interesting Facts About Cats

One of the most desirable pets human want at their home is Cat. They look very attractive and innocent. Today I am going to tell you about some hidden facts about your cats,you will be amaze knowing the secret about their likes ,dislikes and their body language many more.

Physical Appearance

They are different in color, nature and appearance. They are wild, carnivorous and like to hunt. The word cat is also use for felines. Felines are usually know as either big cats or small cats. The big wild cats are well known as: tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas and cheetahs.

The unknown interesting facts about cats being familiar with us we got to know them as our member in life.

Some Facts About Cats

  • They have a super sense of smelling power 14 times greater than an average human ,wow isn’t it amazing .
  • As compared to humans ,its heart beat is 110 to 140 beats normally for a single minute.
  • They has a special reflective layer in their eyes. Which is a tapetum lucidum (actually this layer magnifies coming light 6 times greater than humans eyesight which generally makes them able to see even in dark).
  • They are the best domestic animal for humans ,so it takes only 2 weeks since the birth of the kitten(cat) to interact socially with humans.
  • Cats love sleeping ,spend more than 16 to 18 hours relaxing their body.
  • Cats are fascinate with warm places. As they are of the kind many years earlier belonging to desert animals as well. So in this case they enjoy taking sun baths .
  • Comparatively than other animals they clean their body after eating and doing finishing their activities. Cats are consider as a hygienic and a good cleaner. They always keep themselves clean.
  • Cats bury their stool after excretion.
  • They can give birth to 100 kittens in average life span ,you can check on the Guinness world record book a cat named TABBY gave birth to 420 kittens in her life span as well they can give birth to identical twins.
Interesting Facts About Cats
  • Egyptians worships Cats . They also considers cat as a more lovable animal.
  • They scratch themselves for fun to sharpen their claws.

So each creature on this planet had emotion, they expressed themselves by body language to make us able to understand their feelings.

If you want your pets to be healthy keep them feeding proper nutritious food and fresh water it will help them be safe and strong.

These were some fascinating facts about cats which most of you were unaware about. So it will help you to get more connected and aware too. stay tuned for more.

Do most cats know their name?

Yes, A research published in the journal Nature suggests that domesticated cats do know and recognize their names. A team of researchers studied how 78 different cats and tracked their response to people while saying their names. After testing felines in both single and multiple cat homes, they found that most cats are able to distinguish their names from similar sounding words and names of other cats. The findings shed light on how we communicate with our little furry friends and also suggest that our cat can ignore us on purpose.

What are three interesting facts about cats?

Here are top 3 most fascinating facts about them:

  • While us humans have 206 bones, cats on average have 244. It ranges between 230-250 dependings on how long is a cat’s tail and how many toes it have.
  • Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents in the air.
  • Each cat’s nose is unique, much like human fingerprints.

What is unique about a cat?

Cats learn by observation, imitation, trial and error similarly as humans do. Stories abound which describe cats turning doorknobs to open doors, ringing doorbells, opening cupboards, turning off lights, and even using the toilet solely by observing the owner performing these activities. Many feline behaviorists as well as child psychologists seem to agree that the intelligence of an adult cat equals that of a 2 to 3 year old child.

Comparing to humans, the cat’s sense of taste is weak. We have 9,000 taste buds, while they have only 473. They make up for this deficiency with a superior sense of smell. The preferred temperature for feline food is 86 degrees Fahrenheit–the same temperature as the cat’s tongue. Food straight from the refrigerator doesn’t appeal to Kitty, whose wild ancestors ate freshly killed prey. Try heating Kitty’s food to intensify the aroma if he is not eating well. Like humans, cats are responsive to four basic tastes: sour, bitter, salt, and sweet.

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