Food coloring on skin is not permanent but to dye skin using food coloring. We have to follow some basic methods with some steps. The following instructions will clear you on how to dye skin with food coloring :

Dye Skin with Food Coloring using Sponge

You need to have some basic equipment’s which is easily available at your home i.e 

  • Food coloring(colors)
  • A container (bowl that easily measures the amount of colors to be used)
  • Sponge, Airbrush

Step 1: Get Equipments to dye skin with food coloring using sponge

Step 2: Clean Skin

After you collect the equipment then proceed to clean your skin with water before applying the colors so it couldn’t dry your skin throughout the process.

Note : Remember one thing do not apply any kind of moisturizers and cream .

Step 3: Take Colors for Skin Dye

Start to pour the colors into the bowl .To every single color you need to use a separate bowl until and unless you are blending food colors to format new colors. To dye our skin we need a higher amount of colors .

Step 4: Dry Colors on Skin

Again moving ahead apply the food coloring directly to the skin by brush or dab it on your skin gently. After proceeding for more coats on skin let the applied colors dry then only.

Those above steps is followed by sponge technique’s so now again I will tell you the procedure by Airbrush method .

Dye Skin with Food Coloring using Airbrush

dye skin with food coloring - Using Airbrus

Step 1: Add Food Coloring to Airbrush

Just add the food coloring to the airbrush machine colors cup which shown in the picture. Remember to connect the compressor hose to the bottom of your spray gun before you begin to hold the airbrush machine. You need to learn how to use it properly otherwise may it default the task you do so keep in mind. This picture clears the parts of air brush where to put colors and compressor hose and trigger as well .

Airbrush tool kit

Step 2: Check Air Flows

Then push down on the trigger of the air brush gun to make sure than the air flows through freely from it and also the trigger is shown above on the image which is located on the top of the air brush it looks like little knob that moves down and back.

So if you are ready to paint your skin than move the trigger down and then pull back on the trigger it will help to release the food coloring  along with air .

dye skin with food coloring - Using Airbrush

Step 3: Paint with Airbrush

So the final step goes like holding the airbrush gun about six inches from your skin while painting. To cover the large areas it works well.

We need to know how this machine works rather than to dye our skin with the help of this technique and instrument. Which looks amazing and also works amazing .

So those above methods will helps to easily dye your skin with food coloring. .

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