In order to understand we must know that flavored yogurt is basically used for taste and sale. In the production of it half portion is used by chemicals which consists of added sugar and half the fruits which we extract for flavor in yogurt.

Can I put vanilla yogurt on my face?

We can use flavored yogurt for a face mask. There are strawberry and vanilla flavored yogurt available in the market which is specially used for pretty smell and contains added sugar in it. Flavored yogurt contains the kind of preservative chemicals, which is not good for skin in general. The use of flavored yogurt result differs from the use of organic yogurt in skin due to the presence of chemicals.

Which yogurt is best for face?

We must not use flavored yogurt for skin as we all know adding chemicals or any substance to organic ingredients changes its properties and degrade its quality so it may be quite harmful. The beauty of skin is shows by the use of organic plain Greek yogurt. Our skin is sensitive can not tolerate the chemicals containing ingredients. But often more we must say no to use of flavored yogurt as face mask for our skin.

Added sugar is used in production of food beverages, which do not contain any nutritional value and have empty calories.

Can I apply yogurt on face everyday?

Can I use Greek yogurt for a face mask?

In general consideration to your skin. Plain yogurt is quite good which makes you look beautiful, lighten your skin and doesn’t harm at any condition which prevents you from various skin problems. Whereas flavored yogurt result is totally different as compare to the use of plain yogurt. Depending upon the type of your skin you must choose comfortable and suitable products because our skin is very sensitive. It shows quick reaction to any harmful chemicals.

Unsweetened and unflavored yogurt are best to use for your skin. It makes your skin flawless and can be the best product to use for your skin. Use of excess added sugar in any product can lead to skin inflammation which is harmful and create many skin born issues. Be health conscious don’t consume too much chemicals containing foods in your diet. Because it shows the direct reaction your skin. so be careful and choose the best for your skin and health. The plain yogurt is good to be use instead of flavored yogurt as face mask.

The use of flavored yogurt must be less and as we always mention to consult the specialist before using any products or ingredients for your skin. Be wise check the labels, dates, products and then use. Flavored yogurt is not good to use for skin as a face mask. So don’t use plain yogurt on behalf of it for your skin betterment.