Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage

The most important day of a girl’s life is her wedding day. Where she wants herself to be the most beautiful bride ever. So to make her dream come true here we am going to share some of the secret beauty tricks. Here are some homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage which will help you maintain a healthy balance of beautiful skin and health.

How do I prepare my skin before my wedding?

Tip no.1: Take proper care of your skin:

Before starting we have to do some daily care routine of homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage for few weeks:

At morning: Wash your face with gram flour mixing it with rose water, use this as your morning cleanser for your face it will help to form new cells and your skin can function smoothly, use it on a daily basis.

In the afternoon: Make a paste of banana and honey mixing together  both ingredients and apply on your face, leave it for 30 min then wash it with water .You can follow this procedure every day .

Remember to use toner after every cleansing, scrub and facial mask. The best toner is patanjali rose water toner which keeps your skin hydrated and also helps to close the open pores and doesn’t allow  to enter any unwanted bacteria.

At night: Before going to bed just wash your face and apply coconut oil all over your face. Coconut oil is the golden beauty tips for face. It will add more beauty if you mix coconut oil with vitamin E capsule and leave it overnight daily. It will amaze you or you can simply apply coconut oil only .

Tip no.2: Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water at least 6 to 7 liters everyday. Your body consists of 75% of water. Water is a good source of beauty, keeps your skin hydrated and fresh and can avoid over-eating of unwanted food items.

Tip no.3: Proper Diet

Healthy habits create a  peaceful life. Nutritious food with low calories are the best to have that will keep you fit,active and healthy. It will strengthen your body and lower the risk of any outfits disturbance in wedding functions as girls need to look best.

What should a bride eat for glowing skin?

For glowing skin they must follow a diet routine which includes green vegetables, low calories food and stay hydrated.

  • Fruits like guava, grapes, kiwi, banana and almost all fruits .
  • Oats and milk at noon time .
  • They can leave the night meal if it is not a light meal like vegetable soup.
  • Lot of water is very important. They keep you hydrated and make your skin glow.
  • Liquids like fruit juice, lemon and honey all help in making your skin glow.
  • Fish are also good to include in the diet but don’t take over protein rich diet.

Tip no. 4: Don’t Stress

Stressing is bad for your health. Work without panic, make a schedule and follow the duties according to it. Avoiding late night work provides you with space. Keep your mind relaxed and calm.

Meditation: Everyday meditation will help you in many ways. They keep you focused, concentrated, active and relax your mind.

Tip no.4: Body polishing and Scrubbing

Body Scrub

For body polishing which enhances the brightness of your body use aloe Vera, coconut oil and honey mix it well and clean your body. When you bathe and you can use body scrub to  remove  darkness, skin tan and bacteria of your body.

What is body polishing for bride?

Body polishing refers to the cleanliness of the whole body with body scrub and cleanser to remove the dirt, darkness and dead skin cells present in our body. It will give the body a refreshment. Most brides go to beauty salons for body polishing but there are many ways you can do it at home by using natural ingredients. Body polishing for a bride is enhancing her look internally and externally.

Tip no.5: Don’t use any Chemical Based Product

Experiment anything that doesn’t suit your body can be sometime harmful. Be careful there are many products which are available in the market which are for brides to use. Before you buy any products or do any facial changes be careful .

Tip no.6: Regular use of Sandalwood, Raw Milk and Honey

Ingredients like sandalwood, raw milk and honey are best face pack used it on alternative days in weeks. Go for healthy walk and mediate. Prepare a schedule to move according to it, excess to more information to keep yourself more connected to healthy tips on social media where many cosmetologist refers products according to your skin nature.

These above mentioned tips to homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage can help you to get more beautiful and glowing if followed properly.

How can I get glowing skin overnight?

For overnight glowing skin you need to follow some basic steps:

  • Before going to bed apply raw milk and leave it .
  • Apply rose water.
  • Massage with aloe Vera gel mix with vitamin E oil which can give you great results.
  • Use coconut oil to massage your face . Massaging your face helps to regenerate new cells.
  • Use almond oil for your skin.
  • Apply glycerin with lemon: Glycerin deeply hydrates your skin from inside and adding lemon can care to dullness and pigmentation of skin.
  • Simple paste of turmeric rosewater and sandalwood you can use for 20 minutes and after that you can wash your face.
  • Lavender  oil is magical oil for our skin. It takes care of all problems in our skin before going to bed. You can apply lavender oil on your skin.

How can I glow my face in 10 days?

There are some steps you need to follow on regular basis ten days many  ways let get started:

  • Stay away from oily, street, stored and contaminated food. These foods let your inner body work slowly and slowly damage your cells and tissues .Instead of that you can always take green vegetables ,juice fruits and yogurt in your diet they will make your immune system work .
  • Stay hydrated Keep your body hydrated .
  • Use homemade face masks for your skin.
  • Don’t shield yourself from the sun. Cover your skin when you go outside.
  • Eat walnuts and almonds which will help your skin to stimulate.

How can I be naturally pretty?

Some steps are here for being naturally pretty :

  • Eating carrots is a good source of beauty and health. It increases the blood level and maintains the function.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is the main factor that keeps your skin and you beautiful.
  • Use coconut oil before going to bed .
  • Wash your face regularly and use a cleanser according to your skin type.
  • Workout for your body.
  • Proper sleep.
  • Use of mandatory sunscreen for your skin at least (SPF=30).
  • Avoid sugar in your diet.
  • Make a habit of eating fruits and green vegetables.
How can I glow naturally?

For natural glowing skin you need to make a turmeric face mask and apply it regularly on your face because turmeric is the best way to make your skin glow naturally other than that you can use yogurt and turmeric face mask also. Use moisturizer always before going to bed and hydrate yourself this point is very important. Use aloe Vera gel with few drops of lemon and apply on your face .