Think about picking up your all-time favorite liquid lipstick only to find a dry, lumpy mess within the bottle when you open it. We have some advice on how to revive dried-out liquid lipstick from the afterlife, so don’t cry and bid us farewell just yet. You and your lipsticks are in good hands with us! The worst is when you have to apply a really dry liquid lipstick. Being seen smashing through your day with the driest, flakiest lips in the world is not appealing, and it feels awfully awkward. How to fix dried liquid lipstick?

If your favorite liquid lipstick is clumpy and dry when you open it, nothing is more upsetting. Don’t even consider getting a new one or tossing your old one away if you have one as well! You may revive your lipstick quickly with some of our great tricks! We adore liquid lipsticks because they offer an incredibly smooth application, sharp and clear lines, and they don’t dry out your lips. However, when your lipstick starts to wear out, these become almost impossible! By trying these simple remedies, you may avoid throwing away your essential lip product. How to fix dried liquid lipstick?

How to fix dried liquid lipstick?

1. Dip It In Warm Water

Matte lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have a tendency to chunk over time because of how they are made. How to fix dried liquid lipstick with warm water? Put the lipstick in a cup of warm water to let it loosen up and start working. You’ll have lipstick that is as smooth as butter if you leave it in there for a good 10-15 minutes. Don’t forget to keep the cap completely covered and out of the water.

2. Use A Hair Dryer

hair dryer

How to fix dried liquid lipstick with your hair dryer? To get all of the dried-up lipstick to melt, try a blow dryer as another quick fix. A hot air setting should be selected for the dryer, and the lipstick bullet’s tip should be as close to the drier as you can. Keep it there for three to five minutes. When you’re in a rush, this trick is quite helpful. In order to prevent your lipstick from drying out again, always do this right before applying it.

3. Add Coconut Oil

coconut oil for hair

How to fix dried liquid lipstick with coconut oil? Lipstick may be brought back from the dead with just 3–4 drops of cold-pressed coconut oil. Shake the tube vigorously for two minutes after adding the oil. The oil and product can also be warmed up by rubbing the lipstick tube between your palms. You’ll notice that the lipstick has a richer pigment and is really moisturizing after giving it time to settle for 5 minutes. Instead of coconut oil, you can instead substitute pure aloe vera gel. Repeat the previously indicated processes while adding a very small amount.

4. Aloe vera gel

aloe vera

With aloe vera gel, how to fix dried liquid lipstick? Scoop some fresh aloe vera gel out, and put some in the dried lipstick bottle. After 5 minutes, combine it, then apply. The finest aspect is that it not only revives your old lipsticks but also nourishes your lips. You’ll see that you don’t have to apply lip balm before applying your lip color.

5. Melted Vaseline Jelly

How to fix dried liquid lipstick? Adding a few drops of melted Vaseline jelly is a common cure for liquid lipsticks that have dried out. Again, you must be really cautious about how much you add to your lipstick since you do not want to sabotage your lipstick. Vaseline works to replenish moisture in the liquid lipstick mixture and prevents it from drying out.

6. Inglot Duraline

We’re confident that this method will work if the first one for reviving dried-out liquid lipsticks didn’t. A rehydrating solution designed especially for cosmetics is called Inglot Duraline. How to fix dried liquid lipstick? A drop with the pipette provided in the bottle may be all that’s required to reactivate your liquid lipstick, however, it’s commonly used for dried-out gel eyeliners. This solution is a clear liquid that will increase the shelf life of cosmetics without diluting the formula as will normal fixes (alcohol, aloe vera gel, vaseline, etc).

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How to Prevent Your Liquid Lipstick from Drying Out?

How to fix dried liquid lipstick? Can you prevent it from drying? Here’s how to keep your liquid lipsticks from drying out since no one wants that to happen! The most obvious answer is to use a high-quality lipstick that suits you perfectly, has a rich formula, and lasts for a very long time. Making sure you completely close the containers after using them is the best method to prevent your liquid lipstick from drying out and becoming lumpy. 

A tight seal should be achieved on the lipstick’s lid or cap after each usage. This may sound like common sense, but given how rushed we are all the time, this simple tip can significantly extend the shelf life of your lipsticks. This is the only way how to fix dried liquid lipstick.

How do you fix sticky matte lipstick?

Try rubbing an ice cube over the top of your lips after applying gloss if it feels gummy or clumpy. It de-goops and smooths it out. How to fix dried liquid lipstick? Dusting translucent face powder over the top is another quick cure for sticky situations; just be careful not to use too much powder or it will clump. 

How to fix dried liquid lipstick that is too matte? Use this time to hydrate with your favorite lip balms so that your lips may regain some of their natural moisture and fight the dryness caused by those matte lipsticks. Before putting on your lipstick, make sure your lip balm is fully absorbed into your lips.

How do you rehydrate makeup?

Simply place a drop of rubbing alcohol into the container, cover it with the brush, and shake briskly. Repeat the testing process until the desired consistency is achieved. You can resume your operations now that the dryness issue has been resolved.

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