We all want energetic, productivity and fresh body in the morning. For our energetic and freshness, First we have to sleep well and enough hours at least 8 hours. 8 Hours of complete sleep is the best way to improve sleep quality. Our sleep quality helps to make our body relax and energetic and also helps to maintain the emotional balance. Proper sleep quality lead us directly to our mental health and physical health. If you have good sleep last night, your body seem energetic , refreshed and happy smile on your face. Your day will be a energetic and fresh day.

How to improve my sleep quality? Is there some ways to improve my sleep quality? almost all the people are worried about their incomplete sleep and also the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Yes, it is possible to maintain your better night’s sleep.Tiredness day and your life full of work stress need some tight sleep that boost your both immune health and mental health.

What are the Ways to Improve Sleep Quality?

Control your Exposure to Light

exposure of light

Control of exposure to light plays very important role on improving your sleep quality. It you sleep turning the lights on, it will make you alert and affect your sleep quality. It prevent you from getting proper sleep and make your sleep incomplete.

If you sleep with lights off, your brain secretes more metatonin which make you more sleepy. Not only that the exposure of bright light of sun in the morning makes you more energetic and make you look fresh. And also stay in the place where the natural light are being exposed during your work time. And make sure when you go to sleep, your room must be dark. In fact you should avoid bright light for 1-2 hours before sleep.

Workout During Daytime


Doing workout before bed is a benefit to get a good sleep and also for a healthy body. People excersing and doing workout on a regular basis at least 2 hours before sleeping increase the sleepiness at night and feel less sleepy at day time. It also helps to maintain the sleep apnea and symptoms of insomnia. Your sleep quality depends on how more you have to done workout. Even a simple workout improve your sleep quality.

Consume Light Meal at Night

healthy food

Consuming heavy dinner may cause stomach problem and heart burn. It also leads to weight gain and turning and tossing at night. Also avoid consuming alcohol, spicy food, caffeine, and nicotine at night. Because they disrupt your sleep and don’t provide you complete and better sleep. Consumption of healthy foods before bed such as banana, milk, yogurt, sandwich and egg helps in proper diet and proper sleep.

Improve your Sleep Environment

sleep quality

Your sleep quality mostly depends on your sleep environment. A peaceful environment provides you a strong sign to your brain that can make a big difference to your sleep quality. The reduction of sound of traffics, neighbors, TV and music noise can make you sleepy and comfortable. Also make sure that you sleep in a comfortable bed that helps to make your body comfortable and it won’t be painful in some part of body like hand and legs due to uncomfortable sleep. Also maintain your room temperature into cool. The hot temperature can’t make you sleep and distract your sleep.


meditation on a peaceful place

Meditation helps your body relax, stress free and get rid of tiredness. 20 minutes of mediation before hitting your bed sheets and also in the morning helps to take you out from your work stress and all the mental issues. Mediation is a practice of reducing the stress level and provides you a good sleep quality. If you meditate daily every night your toss and turns will be completely stopped. And also helps in physical and mental health and promote sleep quality.

Massage to Improve Sleep Quality


Massaging your body plays an vital role on improving your sleep quality. Massaging helps to make you feel relief and relaxed. Taking massage from your husband or your siblings for 10-15 minutes really helps to get a proper sleep. It helps to get rid of all the tiredness and dullness of your body. Massaging your body is the best way to improve sleep quality.

So, is it helpful for you to know the ways of improving your sleep quality? I think it is the best way to get proper sleep. It doesn’t have side effects either because it is a home remedy producer which helps to get proper sleep.

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