Decorating a house has never been easy. If you are considering to decorating your home or redecorating it in an eco-friendly way then it may seem to be even more challenging. Eco-friendly home decoration may be intimidating at the beginning, but it will certainly be beneficial in the long run.

Simple consideration that may not seem to be important while decorating your home can have positive impact in the environment. Your contribution with eco-friendly home decoration will help to makes a huge difference when viewed collectively. Here are few things that you can consider for your eco-friendly home decoration tips.

Use of House Plants

Eco friendly home decoration tips

Adding plants to your decor is always a good idea. Plants are economic, and very convenient eco-friendly decor that gives a refreshing touch to your home. It brightens ups your space and is very healthy for the environment as well. Plants will help to counter the pollution and chemicals produced by man-made products.

Use of Non-Toxic Products

If you are decorating or re decorating your home make sure you are using nontoxic products. While you are painting or repainting your home or any furniture make sure to choose nontoxic paints that are free from (VOCs)Volatile organic compounds or low on it. Also be careful while choosing carpets and wall paper, as they are also considered to have VOCs.

Candles (eco-friendly home decor)

Candle with is warm glow can create a wonderful atmosphere. Make sure to avoid the toxic ones if you are choosing candles to add ambience in your home. Select the candles that are made using natural products such as, soy or beeswax and scented with essential oils which are considered as eco-friendly home decoration substances. Also use non toxic cleaning supplies for your home.

Choosing Flooring

While choosing eco-friendly home decoration for flooring, there are options that you can pick from. You can go for hard wood flooring. There is option of flooring using re claimed wood. Bamboo flooring is also eye pleasing.  For tiles there are recycled porcelain and ceramic tiles or glass tiles. Natural stone flooring is also an option.

If you want to use carpets for flooring then choose the carpets made from natural material, such as wool, jute, and, sea grass.

Be Creative

Reuse, recycle or upcycle is always a choice. You can be creative with what you have. If you have old wooden furniture you can re paint it to match your decor or use it for making something new. This can be cheap as well as resourceful for eco-friendly home decoration tips.

DIY football plant holder (eco-friendly home decor)

Add flower pots or vase with pretty flowers to add colour to your home. If painting the whole wall is not an option then try using photographs, wall arts, drawings to make your wall interesting. Look for DIY ideas that you can use or create your own, this will also make your eco-friendly home decoration fun and interesting.

Go with Timeless Eco-friendly Home Decoration Style

Keeping up with the trends be seldom easy. What’s trending today may not be so popular after a certain time. Changing decor time and again takes lots of time as well as resources if you try to keep up with the trends. Choose the timeless and eco-friendly home decoration tips that never goes out of style. This will save you time for redecorating now and then and, you get plenty of use out of it before it is needed to be changed.

Consider symmetry in your decoration. It is known that human eyes are drawn to symmetry, and balance which means it will be pleasant to look at. Go with the neural walls. You can use art works for decoration. A framed art work when hung at eye level can create a pleasing effect.

You will have the flexibility of replacing it or removing if you want changes in the decoration, which is a lot easier than changing other elements such as wall paper. Using floor rugs also help to define a space.


Sometimes change of scene makes a lot of differences. If you think your house looks dull and boring and is in need of change then instead of throwing out everything and getting new stuffs for your home, try rearranging stuff you have at your home. You can always try moving furniture to a different position, shuffling or rearranging the paintings, photos or other art works.

A piece of furniture that does not look good in a room may be perfect for some other room and same goes for other decor. Consider eco-friendly home decoration products and reusable things you already have before you get rid of anything.

Consider Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Be careful while choosing materials for your home. Make sure you are getting your materials from the ethical sources and through a fair trade. Wood is very good material whether it is for making furniture, for flooring or other purpose. But make sure that you choose it from a certified and sustainable source, and that it does not contribute to the deforestation.

Similarly, while choosing your curtains you can consider using thermal curtains. You will be reducing your energy consumption as well as the bills. Try to get along with the eco-friendly home decoration tips as well. This type of consideration is also needed while purchasing other products.

Hand made pots (eco-friendly home decoration)

You can shop for locally available products. Paintings, pots, wood works or any other handicraft works that you can find locally can add timeless beauty to your home. This will be energy efficient as well as cost efficient rather than purchasing imported products. Go for the sustainable products. Avoid using unnecessary lights, and always remember to turn off the lights when it is not required.

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