Peel Off Lip Tint with Food Color is the best way to color your lips. We can have many tints for our lips by the use of different food colors by blending experiments. You can create a variety of shades for your lips with peel off lip tints.

Food coloring is safe to ingest because it’s consumable. It’s usable with no harms on lips.

Is food coloring safe for lips?

Yes, food coloring safe for your lips but sometimes it can stain your lips due to sun exposure. If you want your lips don’t get affected due environmental exposure, you can add SPF by using sunscreen in it.

Here we have listed few steps to make own peel Off lip tint by using food colors available.

How to make peel Off lip tint with food color?

Step 1: Take Ingredients

First of all take a bowl or container. The amount of the substance you need use the utensils take one to 2 tablespoon of petroleum jelly like (Vaseline and pamacare)and put it on the bowl and move on to another step. If you want your lips don’t get affected due environmental exposure, you can add SPF by using sunscreen in it by adding them in proper amount.

Step 2: Mix them well

Mix the ingredients together. You can put it into microwave, if you don’t have microwave then you can just boil water and put the paste bowl over the water and let come into complete liquid form till that you have to heat it.

Step 3: Add Food Color

Afterward what you have to do is mix food coloring and remember one thing the colors get changes (the one color you use may not remain constant or vice versa )so if you use yellow it’s changes into orange color like this the procedure works and you have to follow the same recipe to form different tints for your lips.

Again what you have to do is mix the food colors and the petroleum jelly well until it get properly mixed. Remember you have to use spoon to mix the ingredients well. Mix it until the colors get mixed inside the jelly. If you mix the ingredients well it works and again you have to move the paste to microwave or boil the water and placed it the container above boil water.

If you want to make the lip balm flat otherwise no need to use microwave or boil water it’s fine to use like that also or put it on the refrigerator to cool it down and harden the paste .

Peel Off Lip Tint with Honey, Vaseline and Lipstick

Here we have another simple natural method to make lip tint with honey, Vaseline and lipstick. All you have to do is take a container and pour little water and drop of honey inside it.

  • Take a lipstick of your favorite color and put it on the container.
  • Add Vaseline a little drop mix it well with spoon. You can also use the microwave or in the refrigerator to make it look same as lip balm.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes take it out from the refrigerator or microwave to and use it.

Its natural method and effective as well. In this procedure if you want different colors use different shades of lipstick.

Food coloring is safe to use and helps in various beauty hacks. Don’t use hard food coloring to use safely that your face can ingest.

You can produce your desired tints for lips with food colors with above mentioned methods. For change in colors, you have to change the food colors and make them blend properly. You can find varieties .

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