What food to avoid when you have pimples?

There are some sorts of foods which you should keep a distance from when you have pimples on your face. What you eat is very important for your good health as well as for healthy skin. It decides your health and can have negative reactions also. Pimples are a sensitive case of our skin. So having proper care of your healthy life and healthy skin is necessary. Otherwise it may increase and create more disturbance. Here we have listed what food to avoid when you have pimples.

List of food to avoid when you have pimples:

1. Too much oily foods

Having oily foods in your diet is not considered good for your health. It increases the cholesterol level in your body which is one cause to invite pimples.

2. Sweets

Yes, it is good to have it but not in more amount. More amount of sugar intake can cause pimples. More sugar and more pimples. Try to keep it in limit.

3. Cold Drinks

Cold drinks are not considered best to consume because they contain lots of reactive elements and chemical inside. So it may react to your body and can create pimples. Instead of that you can take fruit juice or any other fresh juice.

4. Dairy products

Dairy products are also not appropriate to have during pimples time because they contain lactic acid which is beneficial but not the time of pimples which may be reactive to our skin.

5. Junk foods

Basically foods which are cooked unhygienically and stored for a long time are worst for skin. Also the food available on restaurant are also not good for health. Keep yourself distance from junk and contaminated foods. This contains unnecessary things which may enter our body and cause problems on for skin.

As you know your skin type considering factors and important to remember as well as they allow you to choose things according to your suitability. Whenever or wherever you somewhere keep in mind to take things, foods, products that are best and healthy for your skin and create a stable situation in your body .

Note: Pimples are not only a factor of foods but also arise from hormonal disorders. Sometimes the foods that are good for our health also may not work. In that condition of time you need to consult an expert so they can give some advice regarding the foods ,products that need to be used .

6. Chocolate

As they are not harmful but having something over to your body may not digest or react. So that’s why having less chocolate is better than problems  to have .

Instead of dairy chocolates, dark chocolates are considered best during pimples time .

Foods like fries and crackers are also in the list of not having it during pimples time keep yourself distance to it.

Some basic tips during pimples time is not to touch pimples or pop it anyway. This may split and can spread to your face. Have patience and calm, it take time to work for the progress. You can also use yogurt face mask for pimples regularly. Follow these guidelines which will surely help you to get best result and fast result if you follow properly. Avoid fake aids and products be smart in your choice. It work best for you and your health also.