Coconut oil is a consumable oil squeeze from blossom coconut which consist of high saturated fat content. This oil is very long-lasting, it doesn’t spoil for at least 6-8 months. It is very moderate in oxidization. People need to avoid consuming the coconut oil or you should consume very limited only. But it has several benefits of applying the coconut oil on my face. It mainly helps to prevent your skin from sunburn or sun damage. We can use this oil directly on the face. It will not affect the skin but coconut oil on my face helps to moisturize the skin. It is beneficial to those people who have dry skin and dead skin cells.

Some Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil on my Face

Protects from Sun Damage

coconut oil

Coconut oil is literally a medicine for damage skin which works to protect your skin from sunburn. And also helps to prevent your skin from damage. This oil provide you the equal level of protection that the SPF 7 sun block provide against the sun’s UV rays.

Use to Remove Makeup

makeup removal

Even the most impenetrable waterproof makeup can’t stick out against the coconut oil. You just need to heat up the oil for 20 seconds to make it change into liquid form. Then make a use of cotton balls to remove the water resistant product from your face easily. It also helps in moisturizing your skin. And keep the skin safe from being affected.

Breath Freshener

Coconut oil is an consumable oily substances consist of antibacterial and anti fungal elements that helps in making your body free from germs and bacteria. Rinsing off the throat for few minutes may helps to keep you breath fresh, remove all the germs and whiten your teeth.

Works as Moisturizer

moisturizing skin

Coconut oil consist of fatty acids, works as an moisturizer. It reacts on your skin very fast and effectively. And also absorb quickly than cosmetic moisturizers. Directly apply to your face, neck and every where on your body. It is more beneficial to dry skin. It helps to make your skin soft, radiant and glowing skin by using this beauty hacks.

Dandruff Treatment


With the help of overnight coconut oil treatment, the dandruff and dryness of your hair will disappear. You just need to apply gently to the roots of your hair and massage it for few minutes to get the oil deeper into the hair roots. And you can use it before you wash your hand. It will really helps you to hydrate your hair and stimulate the hair growth also.

Stretch marks

coconut oil

Specially pregnant moms should store a bottle of coconut oil to apply it on the stretch marks regularly. Not only pregnant moms, anyone can use this oil as a stretch mark cream. It is also a topical treatment of scars and helps your skin to prevent from dark spots.

Eyelash Growth Serum

Longer eyelashes

Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and few drops of lemon juice and apply it to your eyelashes before bed. You need to follow this eyelash growth serum every day for better result. It really helps to stimulate the growth of lashes. Then you can proudly say that coconut oil on my face is really beneficial.

Itch Relief

coconut oil carries fatty acids and vitamins which can really helps to relief your skin irritation. The topical balm of this oil also helps to soothe your skin from burn, insect bites and skin discoloration and also helps in skin whitening.

Shaving Cream

saving cream

Using coconut oil as shaving cream instead of using cosmetic cream make your legs and arms smooth and soft. It won’t dried out after shaving. All you need to mix the soap and coconut oil and leave for heating until the soap melts. Then gently apply to the area where you want to shave.

Wound Salve

The properties present in coconut oil i.e. anti fungal and antibacterial helps to heal the minor wounds, cut and scars. It also helps to reduce the scar marks.


How can I Whiten my Skin on 3 days?

You can whiten your skin in 3 days by using the coconut oil regularly. yes, coconut oil really helps to make your skin tone better and lighter than before. You can also use this oil as sunscreen. The beauty protection benefit of coconut oil helps in skin whitening. For more information about skin whitening, here we have more remedies.

Does Coconut Oil tighten Skin?

Coconut oil carry a powerful antioxidant that helps to remove free radicals and also helps to tighten the skin. You need to apply the coconut oil directly to your skin and massage it for 5-6 minutes. It helps the oil to get inside your skin and hydrate it. It really works for skin tightening and to prevent your skin from damage. If your skin is oily, you have to add few drop of lemon juice on the oil and then apply.

Coconut oil on my face is really effective. You just have to apply this oil regularly on your face to glow and shine. And it also helps you in many problems of the skin.