Mehendi design is a type of body art which is designed on people’s body with the help of the paste of henna plant leaves. It has been starting from ancient period of time which was begin from the countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Northern Africa and Middle East. And it is mostly use by the young girls of Hindu families.

mehndi designs new Easy and Simple Mehendi Design For Your Hands

‘Mehendi’ word is originated from sanskrit word ‘Mehendika’. It is generally use by hindu traditions people in weddings, poojas and other main festivals. Mehendi paste is create from the dry leaves of henna plant and other chemical substances. It is design on the fingers and palms of the hand of the girls and boys also. And you can also apply it on the hair to reduce dandruff and dryness. It also helps to heal the wound. And also it is a kind of treatment of cancer and other several diseases.

Easy and simple mehedi designs for your hands

This mehendi is a temporary body paint. The color of henna is brown and red that are nowadays wear by every people including men. Generally, The henna mehendi represents the sun in the palm of the hand according to ancient tradition. So, by this fact hindu people started to wear the paste of henna leaves. Since 1990s, mehendi design tradition started in western countries. The western people named this mehendi as henna tattoo or temporary tattoo.

Simple Mehendi Designs

Side Effects of Henna (Simple Mehendi Design)

  • Mehendi can caused redness and swelling in your skin.
  • Avoid consuming henna in any form. It is unsafe to consume. And it can cause stomach complication, vomiting, other stomach problems.
  • People suffering from Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency need to stay away from henna mehendi. It leads to burst the red blood cells and also tends to skin care health complications.
  • When you apply henna in hair. And if it goes on to your eyes, it leads to redness and infection on your eyes.

The application of henna simple mehendi design is temporary. Its another name is also the temporary tattoo in western part of the world. It is mostly wear to look attractive and also for the fashion.