Are your lips pigmented? Are you tired of trying different hacks to remove it? Have you ever used lip pigmentation treatments that are natural and organic? 

Natural crimson pigmentation can be seen on our lips. Soft, full-appearing, pale pink lips are indicative of good health. In truth, a number of factors, including our genes and lifestyle, can affect the shape and color of our lips. Sun exposure, nicotine stains (from smoking), dietary deficiencies, illnesses, and other causes are just a few of the factors that might result in stained lips, all of which seem unpleasant. Right? Continue reading to find out how to get rid of your dark lips and lip pigmentation treatment.

When hyperpigmentation occurs, difficulties could arise because everyone’s lips have distinct shades and tints when they are born. As a result, before using successful treatments to brighten dark lips, it’s essential to determine the cause of the issue. Typically, employing natural and organic ingredients will completely remove this discoloration without the need for synthetic products or medications. Check out the rest of this article to learn lip pigmentation treatments with some natural and healthy ingredients.

How to treat your pigmented lips? 

1. Coconut Oil

coconut and kiwi for skin

Emollient and moisturizing qualities are present in coconut oil which is a great lip pigmentation treatment. These qualities can help maintain your lips supple and soft, preventing them from drying out and turning darker, which typically occurs with skin dehydration. Use your index finger to apply a small amount of virgin coconut oil to your lips. Then let it air dry. 1-2 times a day is acceptable.

2. Ice cube massage

The greatest way to treat a variety of physiological and dental conditions is to maintain adequate hydration. Also, ice cubes are a lip pigmentation treatment that is great for dark lips. Along with drinking lots of water, massaging your lips with ice will also assist to lighten the black spots on the surfaces of your lips. 

All you want to do is use an ice cube wrapped in a clean piece of cloth to massage your lips. The difference will soon be apparent to you. The reason for this is that the ice helps to plump up the skin cells, which helps the lips to somewhat eliminate discoloration and seem healthy.

3. Turmeric Paste

Turmeric, as a lip pigmentation treatment, an antioxidant known for its skin-lightening qualities, is found in large quantities in turmeric. We advise using this as a treatment for lip depigmentation because this natural lip pigmentation treatment effectively lightens melanin pigmentation. Take the following actions:

lip pigmentation treatments
  • Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder with a bowel movement.
  • To create a paste, combine the ingredients and add a small amount of milk or water.
  • Apply the paste to your lips, then wait five to ten minutes.
  • Put some cold water in your mouth to rinse.

4. Almond Oil Lip Massage

Vitamin E, as a lip pigmentation treatment, is abundant in almond oil and has the potential to lighten melanin pigment, is a fantastic antioxidant. So, to get rid of lip discoloration, dentists advise massaging with almond oil. Almond oil’s depigmentation properties are enhanced by adding a few drops of lemon juice.

This natural lip pigmentation treatment only takes a few drops of lemon juice to a cup of almond oil, which you should then apply to your lips. 3 to 5 minutes should pass. Once a day, if you do this, the oil will moisturize the lips’ skin and promote blood flow. The increased blood flow to the lips gives them a more natural-looking tint.

5. Lemon And Honey

honey and lemon face mask

Lemons and other citrus fruits as lip pigmentation treatments have a reputation for whitening their complexion. Lemons can help lighten and soften your lips when paired with honey, in addition to making them appear lighter. Add one teaspoon of honey and one lemon juice. After thoroughly blending, put it on your lips. 15 to 20 minutes should be left on before rinsing. You can perform this once every day. Skin irritation from lemon juice is possible. Before attempting this treatment, please perform a patch test.

6. Cucumber Juice

A notable source of silica-rich chemicals that are useful for skin depigmentation is cucumber. To extract the cucumber’s juice, you only need to slice the cucumber. Next, using damp fingers, apply the juice to your lips. Rinse your mouth after a few minutes and then leave it. You can apply this cure once or twice per day.

7. Rose water

Your lips become pink and full after using rose water, which hydrates them. Six teaspoons of honey and two drops of rose water should be combined. Three to four times per day, apply this mixture to your lips. Additionally, you can use this mixture at nighttime before sleeping.

8. Strawberry

Strawberries as a lip pigmentation treatment are a great natural exfoliant for our skin since they include salicylic acid and vitamin C, both of which exfoliate dead skin cells. When applied to our lips, they are incredibly efficient. Five medium-sized strawberries that have been crushed and two tablespoons of baking soda are combined to create a paste. Apply this paste on your lips gently before bed, and then wash them off the next morning with cool water.

benefits of beetroot for hair

9. Beets 

Beetroot for Lips is a fantastic recipe as a lip pigmentation treatment. It is a wonderful substance that makes your lips look brighter. With beetroot lip balm, you can nourish and lighten your black lips, giving them a pink appearance. It repairs lip wrinkles and discoloration on the lips while giving your lips a natural pink color. 

Grind the beetroot into a fine puree in a food processor or blender. then, apply the beetroot paste to your lips twice a week to get a better result. Rinse off after 5 to 10 minutes of letting it sit. Later on, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly once your lips are clean and dry.

Why my lips are turning dark?

Lips that lack moisture become dark, hyperpigmented, and discolored as a result of excessive melanin production. Numerous factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, being pregnant, using certain medications, or having other medical conditions, might cause this. Dry lips are a result of less moisture.

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