Every girl want to decorate their hands, palms, and their other part of the body by applying the mehndi (Henna Tattoos). It is a Hindu tradition of practicing the mehndi or the henna tattoos on their hand. Specially on their main occasion and rituals. Indian people celebrate the mehndi function on the occasion of their wedding. And the practicing of finger mehndi design in the body part is being followed from many years ago. Our ancestors had believed that after applying mehndi on the palm, it represents the sun due to the red and brown color of mehndi.

History of Mehndi (Henna)

Mehndi paste is made up of ground-up leaves of the henna plant that have been dried. And use to smash it to make a powder of it. As it helps to stain the cells of the skin in a rusty red-brown color and voila. Similarly, it makes contact with the protein in your skin by the pigment of the leaves.

Henna is also use as a medicine for several diseases and skin disorder. New brides, pregnant mothers and other person, who are passing through a rapid changes in their lives or a great time to celebrate mostly design mehndi or henna tattoos. Because to symbolize their unique transformation part of their life.

Why Finger Mehndi Design?

Finger mehndi design is nowadays very popular. And also in trend all over the world. Mehndi is mostly design or decorate by girls. And some of the countries such as united states and Europe men also designed. They used mehndi as a temporary tattoos or the henna tattoos. And most of the girls wants to designed the mehndi only on their fingers. Some times on their back part of the hand also. Finger mehndi design looks very attractive in your fingers and also looks like the actual tattoo. It have really loved by all the people to decorate the design on their fingers. Not the desi one but the modern one wants to design on the fingers. It looks really cool and simple.

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