Most of the people are fond of having long nails. People want to grow up the nails and make the nails strong. There are different home remedies to grow up your nails faster and making them strong. You can follow different homemade tips to grow your nails naturally in just several days. You can use different tips for your nail growth.

How Can We Promote Nail Growth Naturally?

Take Biotin

nutrient foods nail growth

Biotin contains Vitamins B which can also help to give energy. It also helps to give the strength of hairs as well as nails. Many people suggest taking biotin to get stronger nails. You can use biotin to get stronger and longer nails for just a few on several weeks. Biotin can be found in different consuming things. Biotin can be found in mushrooms, bananas, cauliflower, whole grains, cooked eggs, nuts, and butter and soon. So, to have long and strong nails, you can take biotin.

Use Nail Hardeners for Nail Growth

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Many people have soft nails, which can easily break. For preventing the nails, you can use nail hardeners. Nail hardeners can get in nail polish as well as nail polish removers. It helps your nail from breaking and makes it strong. You can also take care of your nails by not using toxic products. But sometimes it makes your nail weaker and there will be the chance of breaking nails.

Avoid Glue On Nails And Toxic Polishes

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By apply more glue on nails and polishes, it can make your nails weak and your nails easily are breakable. You can use polishes that don’t contain toxic chemicals in it. Also can use the nails polishes which don’t toxic substances. You can also hone made remedies by using different ingredients available at your home. By not using nontoxic products in your nails, there is no chance of breaking nails fast.

Practice Good Grooming


Nails grooming can also help your nails from breaking and gives the strength to your nails. To maintain your nails, you should keep your nails dry and clean which helps to protect your nails from bacteria. By using sharp scissors to trim your nails, by cutting them straight across can also help in the growth of your nails. By moisturizing your hand daily as well as on your nails by lotion can also help to have long nails. You need to avoid biting nails and not cutting your nails too short can also help in your nail growth.

FAQ for Nail Growth:

How Fast Do Nail Grow in a Day?

Nails can grow about a tenth of a millimeter per day and 3.47(mm) per month. The dominant hand grows faster than other finger. Your nails can only grow faster during day time and during summer. Young people’s nails can also easily grow fast than other people. If people are aging due to the circulation problem, their nails cannot grow fast.

Do Bananas Helps Your Nails?

Yes, of course, bananas help your nails because bananas contain a high level of zinc which helps to increase the level of biotin. It also helps in different remedies for your skin as well as your nails. Eating more bananas helps to improve your nails to grow fast and makes it strong. Bananas help to play a vital role in all things such as skin, nails, etc. So, bananas are important for growing nails.

Does Salt Helps Your Nails Grow?

Yes, salt plays an important role to grow your nails faster. Especially, salt and oil is the easiest homemade remedy to grow up your nails faster. Salt helps to make your nails re-materialize means making your nails strong too. As well as the oil helps to moisturize the nails and make it soft. So, salt and oil also help to grow up your nails faster.

By applying these above tips, you can get your nails strong and long. You can use different homemade things or you can use the different nontoxic chemical products for making long and strong nails. Also can grow your nails naturally by following these above tips if you want to make your nails longer and stronger. You can have a healthy diet if you want to make your nails strong. Above homemade can helps too for your nail growth.

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