Lips are the soft part of our body. All people want there lip pink and soft. People use different harmful chemicals to make their lips pink and soft and they want to avoid their black lips before and after smoking or without smoking. Some people don’t smoke but also they have black lips. For making your lips soft and pink, there are different tips that you can make by different ingredients for getting rid of black lips. Firstly, you can avoid smoking and you can use different homemade remedies without having any struggle.

Ingredient Helps to Avoid Black Lips After Smoking:

  • Lemon
  • Sugar
  • Turmeric
  • Rose Water
  • Cucumber
  • Honey
  • Cotton Balls

Home Remedy For Avoiding Black Lips


lemon avoid black lips after smoking

As you know, lemon is known as citrus fruit. You can apply lemon on your lips before going to bed. You can use lemon, gently rubbing the juicy parts of lemons to your lips. Then the next morning, you can wash your lips with cool water. As you apply it, you can use it every night for up to thirty days. Then you can see results after thirty days.

Lemon and Sugar

sugar lips avoid black lips after smoking

Lemon and sugar also help to avoid the black lips. Before going to bed, cut the lemon and dip it into sugar. Then rub your lips with sugared lemon. Keep it for the whole night. Then the next morning, wash your lips with warm water. For applying it for 20 days you can get your lips pink and soft.


Organic Turmeric

It helps to make the skin glow and helps to avoid black lips. Mix one tablespoon of milk and teaspoon of turmeric powder to make a paste. Then apply it on your lips with your wet finger. Then leave it for six to ten minutes by gently rubbing your lips. After that, wash your lips with water and apply your u daily using lip balm.

Rose Water

rose water

Rose Water also helps with skin as well as lips. It also helps to glow your skin by using it overnight. Firstly, add two drops of rose water and add seven drops of honey and mix them well. Then, you can put it on your lips before going to bed. See the results after applying it for several days.

Cucumber Juice


Cucumber is known as the source of different remedies. It can help you to cure different problems of your face as well as your lips. Before making juice, you need half cucumber and then blend the half cucumber in the mixture. Then make it cool by keeping it in the refrigerator. Apply it gently with cotton balls by dipping in it. Then leave it for thirty to forty minutes and wash your lips with cool water. After applying tips for many days you can get your lips glossy and pink.


How can I Make My Lips Pink In One Day?

Soft and pink lips make you nice and beautiful. But putting your lips more hydrating is more important. For making your lips hydrating and pink, you can use your lip balm before going to bed. Next morning, you can use the toothbrush by rubbing it gently. You can use a homemade lip scrub. You can use almond oil and honey by doing massage on your lips for getting pink lips.

How Do You Get Soft Lips?

You all need your lips soft. You can get soft lips by keeping your lips moist. By applying lip balm, you can make your lips soft by applying it daily. You should wear light lipstick to make your lips soft and moist. You need to scrub your lips daily to avoid black lips. Drinking more water can also help you yo make your lips soft and pink.

Is There Laser Treatment for For Dark Lips?

Yes, there is laser treatment for dark lips. There is a laser treatment named Q- switched Nd: YAG laser. This laser treatment is done without any adverse effects. This laser can be done by the people who have dark lips. So, people can do the laser treatment without any risk.

You can apply the above instruction to avoid black lips. You can apply different homemade remedies to make your lips ultra-glossy and pink. Similarly, there are different easy homemade remedies to avoid it. And there are no difficult methods for making pink lips. If you want to make your lips pink and soft. You can apply these tips.

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