Season 2 of Euphoria has already hit or screen in January 2022, and how! We can vouch for the fact that season 2 is way too far ahead in the league if you enjoyed the cosmetics and fashion moments from season 1. The glitter eyes, cool tones, and obviously the graphic eyes dominated the first section. But when we say that the Euphoria eye makeup for season 2 is glam on point, we really mean it. So, here are some of our favorite eye makeup looks from Euphoria’s second season, along with instructions on how to get them.

The Euphoria cast served as our unending source of creativity as we began to develop some of the most daring makeup looks we’ve yet to see. Since Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Kat, and Jules entered our lives, abstract euphoria eye makeup trends have undoubtedly exploded, ranging from perfectly placed jewels to neon lids and tears full of glitter.

Some Famous Euphoria Eye Makeup 

Maddy’s Eyeconic Revers Cat-Eyes

Maddy’s euphoria eye makeup is the only item in season 2 that is as recognizable as she is. You and I both required this reverse cat-eye look with a dab of glitter cut crease from Euphoria’s beauty looks. Use primer or concealer to prepare your eyelids before doing this euphoria eye makeup look. Apply a dark-hued shadow to your crease using a windshield-wiper motion. Now apply the same color to your lower lash line as well with a flat brush. On the lower lashline, use a kohl eyeliner to create reverse cat-eyes. You’ll need to practice this, but we must tell you that you’re going to become obsessed.

Jules’ Easy Eyes

Everybody has experienced days when matching our attire to our makeup required what felt like a lifetime. Due to the time required to blend on such days, euphoria eye makeup cannot even begin to rank high on the priority list. The simplest hack, though? Your eyelids will look amazing once you swipe your finger across some colored makeup. You can carry that lewk from your desk to supper if you counterbalance it with a nude lip.

Cassie’s Rhine And Shine Moment

In season 2,  Although Cassie was undoubtedly the source of all the drama in the story, her makeup was restrained. We’re looking at the understated rhinestone moment, which is simple, not overly dramatic, and manageable on a bad day when you need a pick-me-up. Remember to use light-colored eyeliner to outline the eyeliner location, then use waterproof lash glue to secure the rhinestones while doing cassie’s euphoria eye makeup.

Kat’s Pretty Wink in Periwinkle

What would a Euphoria eye makeup list be without everything that glitters, including periwinkle, blues, reds, and yellows in addition to gold? By using glitter eyeliner as an accent, you may liven up your eyeliner. Particularly when attempting to pull off the “less is more” trick, an official Kat-approved liner is a straightforward number.

Jules’ Graphic Details

Salutations to the “Queen of Graphic Eyes” Another instance of Jules doing what she does best, but this time, she improved upon it by applying a strong black liner to the inner corners of her eyes. Apply a little glitter to the rest of your eyelids and use a precise eyeliner tip to line the inner corners. And for a style that allows you to go overboard, choose our all-time favorite Arrested For Overstay eyeliner, which delicately enables you to pull off any euphoria eye makeup fad.

Kat’s Shades Of Summer

Kat’s assertive personality was undeniably expressed by the cosmetics on her eyes. Though a little late, she gave us the ideal New Year’s euphoria eye makeup, we can all still choose for dramatic eyes this Spring. Consider every shade of green and yellow. Prime and cover your lids to get the effect. For a striking appearance, blend the yellow hues all the way up to the brow bone. Apply the green color to the lids after using a concealer to fill in the void. Apply a small amount of shimmer eyeshadow with a flat brush to finish the look.

Maddy’s Dominant Eyes

Maddy’s perceptive eyes held a hidden significance. The character is depicted killing her companions, and her makeup also contributes to her threatening demeanor. In particular, Maddy was spotted with killer winged eyeliner, which we are swooning over. She also provided the rhinestone euphoria eye makeup that was placed around the brows with a completely new meaning. 

Use eye-lighted orange eyeliner to achieve her vibrant orange eyeshadow look. Make it poppier by using a special matte lipstick trick. You just need to apply it like eyeshadow, and you’re done! Use a brow pencil to give the eyebrows some definition.

Cassie’s Pastel Makeup Look

Cassie’s pastel makeup look with euphoria eye makeup astounded us thanks to makeup artist Daniella Davy, who worked her magic on each Euphoria character. It unquestionably transports us back to the 1960s and has a unique vibe. While the rest of the outfit is understated, her long, thick lashes have us swooning nonstop. For a false eyelash look, use Double Date Extreme Volume Mascara Duo. Try Contour De Force Mini Blush in Pink Pinnacle to finish it off and give you that soft, delicate look. Apply a gorgeous pink, peach lipstick to accentuate that lovely smile.

What is the Euphoria glitter called?

Lemonhead is the glitter of euphoria eye makeup. Since everyone else wears LA, it’s really the only brand you should think about using for such a look. In actuality, the company makes the precise glitter that is utilized in Euphoria. Lemonhead is worn by Jules, Rue, Maddy, Cassie, and even Nate. In the HBO hit’s first season, LA sparkles.

Why did they ban the foundation on Euphoria?

For example, Levinson desired “very dewy skin” and “no foundation” for season two. Except for a few characters (like Maddy [Alexa Demie] because her role is all about that “elevated, made-up look,” a bare complexion “didn’t really make sense” for her character), Davy claims that she and her team managed to make it happen.

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