Charcoal Facial Mask

Activated charcoal facial mask is one of the latest and famous trends for skin care. It helps to pull off the black heads and tighten pores. Many skin products contain activated charcoal to clear the skin and absorb all the pollutants. Generally, this face mask seems to be safe, even though overuse could result skin dryness, redness and skin sensitivity. It’s a satisfactory idea to check the product on a small part of the skin or in the elbow. You can make this easily using the things you have at your home.

Ingredients Required :

  • Activated charcoal pills
  • Non-toxic glue 
  • Peppermint oil
  • Brush

How to make Charcoal Face Mask?

Step 1 :

Before starting, you need a container for mixing, another container with its charcoal powder in it, some glue and add just a little bit of mint extract (peppermint oil) to kinda give that tingly feeling.

Take the non-toxic white school glue in a bowl, add the activated charcoal powder in it or you can create your own by activating coal.. Then add the tiny little bit of peppermint extract.

Step 2:

After mixing all the ingredients together, you can apply in onto your face. Before applying wash your face with warm water. Then use the great mask application brush to apply it. Apply it one even coat everywhere you want it to remove black heads or your whole face depending on what you want or you can apply it only on your nose and chin if you want to.

Step 3:

Let the black mask be dry for 20 to 40 minutes. When the mask is dry, you shouldn’t feel cold or be able to move the mask around and it should be completely matte and tightened on your face. You can even move your mouth or you can’t talk either.

Step 4:

Make a loose edge on the bottom of the mask to remove. Then start to pull off the mask slowly in an upward direction. If you pull up the mask immediately, blackheads or pores will not come out of your skin. So, the slower you pull the more black heads you will get out from your skin. Once you have the mask pulled off, use a warm cloth to wipe away the left pieces of mask. At last, tone your face to close all of your pores. 

Before applying it on your face, do a small test patch on your hand or anywhere on your body because everyone has different kinds of skin.and don’t use any other glue, only use non-toxic child school glue. Don’t apply very thick that will not get the black heads out of the skin. You can also activate you charcoal in your home also.

Are charcoal masks good for your skin?

This super easy black head peel off mask is absolutely amazing. It took every single black head out of the skin. After pulled the mask off, your skin will be smooth. The result that you would get from this face mask life hack is very very soft, smooth, black heads free, dead skin free, acne free, tighten your skin. You can use this mask once or twice a month to reduce black heads and dead skin and to tighten the pores of your skin.

Do charcoal masks really work?

Yes, For oily to combination skin this masks really works and helps you to get soft, smooth skin removing the dead cells and dirt. If you are feeling like your skin is getting loose, It also helps to make your skin tighten.

Is charcoal bad for face?

It depends upon what skin type you have. Charcoal masks are good for oily skin to combination skin. It is very effective for those struggling with black heads, dead cells and shiny t-zones. Charcoal has the ability to gently draw out dirt from congested pores. A well formulated mask will leave the skin shine-free while also maintaining its moisture. It helps remove impurities and makes your pores look clearer and smaller as well.

You can also apply egg-white face mask alternatively at home with the ingredients which are easily available on the kitchen.

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