Which side of cotton pad to use?

Basically there are two sides on cotton pads: One side is more firm and absorbent for using with nail polish remover, the other side is softer and finer for removing eye and facial make-up. We can use both side as what we want to do with it.

Day to day hacks:

  • Use to Contour

Contouring is one of the most popular makeup techniques that celebrities use to make themselves look good.

There are many ways to contour the face, but the new trend is using cotton pads. This technique can be done with a foundation brush or cotton pad which makes it convenient for beginners.

Contouring is a make-up technique to add definition and sculpt the face.

Achieving a perfect contour can be very demanding, but it’s actually very easy with cotton pads! The technique is really simple and foolproof. You just need to take a cotton pad and gently apply it on the areas you want to highlight: cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin.

1. Apply highlighter on the areas you want to contour

2. Take a cotton pad from your sheet of cotton pads

3. Press gently on the area you want to highlight with your fingers so that it penetrates through the cotton pad before applying it on your face

  • Pre-soak your toner
  • Apply powder
  • Makeup remover

Things you should know about cotton pads:

How to use?

There are different types of cotton makeup pads; facial cotton pads, round cotton pads for nails and more. If you noticed all cotton pads, there is difference on both side of the cotton pads. One side is more firm and absorbent for using with nail polish remover, the other side is softer and finer for removing eye and facial make-up.

Are they bad for skin?

Are cotton pads good for skin? We can’t just say cotton pads are bad for skin. Sometime cotton pads with loose fibers may can harm our skin. They can produce lots of lint which can sticks to our skin mainly when we soak it on toner and eventually blocks our skin pores.

Which is better cotton pads or cotton balls?

Cotton Pads with Cotton Balls

Can we use cotton pads? These days we invest lots of money for beauty products like high quality toners, makeup removers, spot treatment creams and other beauty products. Which means every last drop counts as we have spent good money on it. We don’t want to waste product on high absorbance cotton balls. It have less cotton by volume and therefore less absorption, while having more surface area.

Opt for a cotton pad that is quilted. We can use organic, premium drug store cotton pads that have two different textured sides:  1 side smooth for gentle cleansing and the other side quilted for exfoliating. Specialty cotton works best if we have sensitive skin. Now a days, There are many options for cotton on the market.

We can even use some of them weekly to switch it up. Who want to wash their face might want to use gauze pads for cleansers and toners, so the fibers wont stuck in their beard hairs. We can also use cleansing brushes, a sponge, or a microfiber towel.

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