Who doesn’t adore their hair after a quick blowout? Don’t we all just adore the sensation of having blow-dried hair when we leave a salon? How to blow dry your hair at home? Your attitude instantly improves when your hair is shiny and smooth, making you feel self-assured and prepared to take on the world. No amount of cosmetics or nice clothes can make us all look our best on a poor hair day. Just the way it is! On the other hand, there are days when we don’t even care to do makeup because our hair just seems to be acting nicely.

How to blow dry your hair at home? We don’t have much time to frequently visit a salon to have our hair cleaned and dried. Due to time restrictions, it is not convenient, and it is also not very economical. In order to blow dry our hair at home, we must try. Utilizing a hair dryer to dry your hair after a hair wash is known as blow-drying your hair at home. The process of blow-drying hair can be used to give it more shape and volume while also speeding up the natural drying process. Read more to know how to blow dry your hair.

How to blow dry your hair at home? 

Invest in a great blow dryer.

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How to blow dry your hair at home? If you have the money, you might want to spend it on a gadget that can help you dry your hair faster and reduce damage to your hair. A few dryers, for instance, provide options for different heat settings, a cool shot to seal the hair cuticles, and ionic air technology. A greater wattage rating will provide more power to generate an air supply that is robust and constant.

Start by air or towel-drying your hair.

You can achieve shinier blowouts by avoiding dry ends by maintaining the condition of your hair. And one of the greatest ways to achieve this is by using as little heat as possible on your hair. To get the most moisture out of your hair, towel drying or air drying is preferable. Generally speaking, you need to use less heat when your hair is dryer.

Avoid using a brush on wet hair

How to blow dry your hair perfectly? If your hair is wet, please refrain from using that circular brush. The likelihood of causing damage to wet hair with a brush increases. To effortlessly disentangle hair while it is still wet, use a wide-tooth comb instead. You run the risk of ripping out additional hair, even when it’s dry if you omit this step and your brush gets tangled up in knots. Long-haired people delicately brush the ends of their hair before working up toward the roots while holding their hair in their hands. You can prevent hair breakage by doing this, which is kinder to your roots.

Choose the right brush as per hair type.

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Based on the outcomes you want and the type of hair you have, choose a brush. How to blow dry your hair? To produce a voluminous, bouncy style, stylists frequently choose to use a round brush. After then, you must choose the bristle’s material. Ceramic brushes are popular among those with straight hair because they maintain heat and provide volume. For smoothing out their strands, boar-bristle brushes work best on persons with coarse hair since the substance offers just the appropriate amount of stress.

Use a heat protectant.

How to blow dry your hair without damaging? Yes, heat protectants are effective, and you should use them with the same vigilance as you use your SPF. Consider it the equivalent of hair sunscreen. You can use a number of products on wet or dry hair, so read the bottle carefully to learn how to apply it. For instance, if you plan to spray your hair before blow drying it, check sure the spray is designed to be applied to wet hair.

Apply styling products.

Some people only spray the top of their hair while applying a volumizing spray or a serum for frizzy hair; they don’t spritz the entire head. The back of your hair might sometimes be overlooked. She suggests making sections in your hair and applying the product from the middle of the shaft to the ends. A comb or your fingers can be used to apply the product.

Use your blow-dryer attachments.

Do you know what attaches to the flat end of your hair dryer like a nozzle? Don’t dismiss it. How to blow dry your hair? Your hair will endure less damage if you blow-dry while the diffuser is on. For a flawless finish, a nozzle is necessary! Without the nozzle, the airflow becomes less concentrated and frizz is caused by the hot air dispersing.

Start Dring from front to back f your hair.

How to blow dry your hair at home? Many people make the mistake of beginning to blow dry the back of their heads first. It is preferable to begin in the areas that are most noticeable (the bangs, temples, hairline, and crown) and work your way back. The front of the hair, which is often the most noticeable aspect of your style, is usually the hardest to smooth; think cowlicks and small wisps.

Don’t forget roots 

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In order to achieve significant volume, you must lift your hair from the roots. By flipping your hair upside down and brushing in the groundward direction, you may do this task quickly. A brush, a comb with large teeth, or your hands will all work for this. 

How to blow dry your hair? Alternatively, you might roll your hair around big rollers to add volume. If you want volume, start using the rollers as soon as you are done blow-drying. Because of this, the hair can maintain a style while still being warm. Once your hair is totally cool, take the rollers out. Full volume as well as a great wave are forthcoming.

Is it OK to blow dry every day?

It doesn’t matter if you blow dry your hair frequently or only occasionally; either way, it can damage your hair. Ideally, you should avoid blow drying at all costs or wait as long as you can between sessions.

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