It takes more than a glittery streak to make your skin seem attractive to use a highlighter in your makeup routine. It takes skill to choose one, and it all depends on the color of your skin. It’s fairly easy. Your complexion responds better to some colors than others. How do you hone your highlighter skills to the highest degree? How to choose a highlighter shade? It’s best to choose a hue that is two shades lighter than the tone of your skin. Your chosen highlighter must match the rest of your makeup perfectly. Here is a tip to choose a hue that goes well with your skin tone.

Our social media platforms, glam publications, and billboards have all been dominated by the dewy, radiant appearance. We all wanted to know how to achieve a dewy look because the fresh-faced, shiny look has become standard. Finally, the magic trick is performed by the cute little item known as a highlighter. How to choose a highlighter shade? Therefore, your search is over if you’re wondering how to pick a highlighter shade that will go well with your outfit. With a thorough guide, we are here to assist. How to choose a highlighter shade?

How to choose a highlighter shade as per your skin tone?

Fair to medium skin tones

Since the world of highlighters is your playground, many would say that you have beautiful skin. Finding a hue that you can pull off, however, must come first. How to choose a highlighter shade? It might be pink or a tint with a red undertone, or it can be peach, gold, frosty, champagne, or pink. So, there are several options available to you when deciding which highlighter to choose. Remember to choose highlighters that have golden or peach undertones. 

Apply makeup on your body and neck

How to choose a highlighter shade? Additionally, you have the option to lightly brush a champagne-pigmented highlighter over your complexion. Ideal highlighters should have warm tones. Refrain from using icy, shimmering colors. Orange-tinted lips go well with this highlighter, and orange eyeshadow can be used to accent the inner corners of the eyes. Put on a show!

Fair to very fair skin tones

How to choose a highlighter shade? Restore your glow by applying a light layer of silvery tones to your skin. When combined with a lighter complexion, these tones will give you the coveted all-natural glow. Even the undertones of lilac, pink, and icy metal mesh harmoniously. Avoid using copper and bronze-colored hues. Remind yourself that the main objective is to simply improve your appearance. Choose highlighters with cooler tones in this situation.

Medium to deep skin tones

Cool undertones will appear pink and bluish when illuminated. Your options for selecting a highlighter colour for the face with cool or fair skin tones are slightly more constrained than those of other skin tones. How to choose a highlighter shade? The neutral hues will typically appear best, but try to avoid those with an excessively golden undertone. Instead, choose items with a silvery, iridescent, frosty, or champagne sheen, according to our advice. Attempt to find warmer hues like gold and bronze. To create a warm-toned appearance that flatters your complexion, experiment with blending a peach tint with your bronzer.

How to choose a highlighter shade?

1. Don’t apply light shades for the skin tone

How to choose a highlighter shade? Try to steer clear of too-light highlighter shades whether you have deep or dark skin. Your face will take on the appearance of having a white cast. Therefore, it will appear as a white stripe rather than having that glowing appearance.

how to choose a highlighter shades?

2. Not to choose darker shades if you have fair skin

Women with fair or natural skin shouldn’t choose darker colors than their skin tone. How to choose a highlighter shade? The highlighter color needs to be the same as or slightly lighter than the skin tone where you’re applying it.

3. Use a makeup brush for blending the product

How to choose a highlighter shade? Remember to choose the best cosmetic brushes when choosing the highlighter so that you can apply the product properly. Make brushes, especially the particular highlighter brushes are really helpful for the use of highlighter on your face because it helps to blend the products so perfectly without creating any mess. 

4. Seek advice from an expert

How to choose a highlighter shade for your skin tone? Always seek advice from a salesperson at the store if you are unsure of which highlighter is best for your skin tone. A makeup artist or makeup specialist can help you direct toward the best.

5. Determine your desired effect

It is recommended to use a formula with a thinner, creamier texture and more subdued shimmer when striving for a more natural glow. How to choose a highlighter shade? Reaching for a highlighter with a duo-chrome effect is right on trend and will give you a megawatt sheen in opalescent tones of pink, lavender, green, and aqua blue if you’re looking for a more Euphoria-Esque shine. To prevent the over-application of powder highlighters, use a fluffy fan or pointed diffuser blush. Use a moist makeup sponge to blend out cream or liquid highlighters.

highlighter shades

6. Go with a universal option 

How to choose a highlighter shade? The high points of the face can be covered with a clear balm or facial oil, which works on all skin tones and is a foolproof option. It is a “grown and sexy” method for enhancing your features without adding sheen, glimmer, or color.

Can I mix my highlighter with foundation?

To impart a soft glow, combine a liquid highlighter with your foundation and apply it all over your face. You only need a tiny bit of highlighter to achieve the desired effect, but if you want the appearance of glowing glass skin, you can apply more highlighter to your foundation.

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