Girls love to do makeup. They even explore different products and different tutorials. Generally, girls use every makeup that can help them to look radiant and gorgeous. The effective part of applying makeup is the foundation. And even if the shade of foundation is the perfect match to your skin tone, that’s the greatest thing to every girl.

The shade of foundation is very important to match the level of makeup. And also to maintain the glamorous look on the face. Several girls and women can’t choose the right shade of foundation. The confusion between the various shades doesn’t let the people know their actual tone of the skin. In several cosmetics, the seller helps you to know the perfect foundation shade but sometimes you yourself have to choose. 

Here we have the ways and steps to choose your perfect shade of foundation that will actually help to choose the right one. 

How to choose the Shade of Foundation According to Skin Tone?

The reason behind the problem you are facing every day because of the dull-looking face is the wrong shade of foundation. People are wondering why their face color and neck color don’t match? Why all the time after doing makeup looks your skin dull? Due to the wrong choice of a foundation shade, you have to suffer all the time. To make a choice of the right shade you need to consider the following tips while buying it. 

1. Know  your Skin Tone

skin tone- shade of foundation

First of all, you have to find out your actual skin tone for a foundation. A foundation is not made for every type of skin tone. You need to work on your skin tone. Generally, the skin tone is categorized into three types. They are dark, medium, and light. Asian people’s skin tone is generally in medium and neutral and African’s is dark. And the light skin tone is mainly for Europeans. 

2. Select the Foundation


After knowing your exact skin complexion, you may have a little knowledge of selection. Even if you know your skin tone, and can not find out the one, you can make a test of it. Many people test their shade of foundation on the forearm. But it won’t help you much in choosing the right one. The skin color of your arms is far more different than your face skin tone. So, do a small patch test on your jawline of every foundation that you think it may match your skin tone. It will surely help you to find out the one.

3. Exposure to Sunlight

shade of foundation

Almost all cosmetic shops have dim light or artificial light. And in that light, we can’t make a final decision. So, go out of the shop or go to the place where you can find sunlight. Then, apply the foundation onto your jawline. Then once look at the mirror. The one shade which matches your skin tone perfectly is the one for you. Also, you can choose one shade darker or one shade lighter to your skin, if you don’t find out your exact shade of foundation. 

How do I Find my Concealer Shade?

concealer- shade of foundation

1. For Under Eyes

The concealer shade should be one or two shade lighter for the under eyes area. Due to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, the shade of foundation doesn’t cover it. So, you need to choose the one or two shade lighter than your skin tone. It will help to cover the dark circles and brighten the areas of the eyes. These concealer shades are peach/orange-based mostly.

2. For covering Blemishes

If your face is full of acne and pimples, the only foundation is not enough to cover it. The redness, blemishes on your face can be covered by using concealer. You need to get the exact shade of concealer that matches your skin tone or face color. Generally, this shade is yellow-based color. It will cover all the flaws and acne of the skin. 

These tips and instructions to know your shade of foundation and the shade of your concealer according to your shade may be effective. It is very important to know your skin tone for the perfect and beautiful makeup. Only makeup won’t help to look radiant, you need to choose the right products and use them in the right way.

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