The double-winged eyeliner craze emerges just as you think you’ve perfected the technique of applying eyeliner. Thanks to a historical cosmetics renaissance and the Euphoria beauty muses, floating eyeliner, as it is sometimes known, is still popular today despite having its beginnings in the 1960s. Not only does it appear amazing, but by elongating and opening it up, it might improve the shape of your eyes. The best part is that it’s simple to replicate.

Double-winged eyeliner is most easily created by first lining the top lash, extending it outward, and ending with a winged tip. The next step is to add a second wing that mimics the top one along the bottom lash line. The secret is to use the proper products and your eye’s outer corner as a reference. You may certainly experiment with a variety of variants, which is why we believe you’ll adore the gallery of double-winged eyeliner looks we’ve put together as much as we do.

What is the point of double-winged eyeliner?

In actuality, single-winged or double-winged eyeliner is used to draw attention to and improve the shape of the eyes. If you want to create more symmetry, increase definition, or make the eyes appear bigger and longer, use double-winged eyeliner. Yes, at times it may seem difficult or even difficult to use this strategy.

How to create double-winged eyeliner?

Prep the eye area

Preparing your makeup is always important, but it’s much more crucial if you’re spending time and effort crafting a look where crisp, defined lines are the main focus. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes perfecting your makeup just to have it smudge as soon as you go outside. Try using an eyeliner brush to apply an eye primer straight along the lash line and any other areas where you’ll shortly be putting liner if you want to achieve an eyeliner-only look (i.e., no eyeshadow).

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If you’re going to utilize eyeshadow, you might want to try applying a lighter concealer to really help your eye makeup stand out and remain in place. The shadow will undoubtedly pop a lot more if the eye is primed with a concealer that is around two shades lighter than your natural hue. Apply the concealer all over the lid, covering the areas where you will be using eye shadow. This will give your eyes a faultless basis for shadow and liner and smooth the eye area.

Apply eyeshadow

Apply any shade of eyeshadow you like to the region around your eyes and blend it in if you’re using it. Here is a valuable piece of advice for those looking to make a large impact: After applying the eyeshadow with a stamp, mix the matte colors. You won’t get a lot of color payoff if you blend first.

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Create your first wing 

It’s time to make your first wing now that you have a flawlessly primed nude lid or a smooth lid covered in shadow. Being essentially just your standard double-winged eyeliner—a fluid, swooping line that hugs the upper lash line and reaches past the outer corner of the eye this wing is simple to apply.

Create your second wing

Here’s where the fun starts, though. There really aren’t any restrictions for designing your double-winged eyeliner. Swooping it along the bottom lash line and stretching it out slightly below the top wing is a common way to create a second-winged line (but leaving some negative space between the two lines). You may also try using your second wing to make a cut crease. You’ll create another graphic moment by using your eyeliner to draw an arching line over your cut crease, linking the end back to the tip of the cat eye, after making a clean cat eye along the upper lash line.

Pro tip: It actually advised that apply this line first if you are applying a second wing along the lower lash line. By doing this, you can avoid transferring your top line as you glance up to your lid or brow bone.

Create a complete makeup look to make this eye makeup stand out

Consider maintaining a pretty neutral makeup look for the rest of your face if you truly want to make the most of this innovative eye makeup look. Make sure that’s the only item you highlight if there’s a particular aesthetic you want to showcase. Use a neutral lip color and blush to make your eyes the center of attention while preventing makeup from clashing with them.

Apply mascara

double-winged eyeliner looks

Once you’re satisfied with both your double-winged eyeliner and the rest of your face makeup, curl your lashes and apply a few coats of your preferred mascara to complete the look. Use waterproof mascara to ensure that it stays in place all day long if you want to prevent your mascara from smudging and ruining your skillfully drawn lines.

Can all eye shapes wear double-winged eyeliner?

Any type of eyeliner in your preferred color can be applied along the upper lash lines and extended into wings at the outer corners. Then, to make the colored winged liner stand out, be sure to tightly line the upper lash line with black or brown kohl. This style works well with every eye shape. Additionally, double-winged eyeliner can aid in giving the appearance of larger eyes. Avoid using a lot of eyeliner on your upper lash if you have tiny eyes because it will make them appear smaller.

How do you know if you have double eyelids?

You have arc-shaped wrinkles between your eyelashes and eyebrows if you have double lids (double eyelids). These obvious wrinkles between the eyelashes and eyebrows are absent from monolid. Ptosis and monolid are not the same things. Ptosis is an anomaly that results in eyelid drooping.

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