To view this beautiful world, we are gifted with two pretty eyes. Your eyes seem prettier with more voluminous lashes. But, some of you might lack lashes if so you do not need to worry about it. There are several ways to elongate and thicken eyelashes by the usage of eyelash growth serums.

Yes, eyelashes growth serums work. Eyelashes growth serum consists of highly active ingredients called bimatoprost, isopropyl hair-growing compound, and other prostaglandins that stimulate hair follicles and relives the dead follicles. Such activity of eyelash growth serums results in elongation of eyelashes and growth of lashes either. 

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How do eyelash growth serums work?

Eyelash growth serums are effective lash-growing factors that enhance the extension of lashes along with the thickening and strengthening formula. The regular use of lash serums facilitates the promotion of lash density and results in voluminous eyelashes. 

Eyelash growth serums firmly activate hair follicles, nourish present eyelashes, and helps in proper lash extension. The lash serum strengthens the growing phase i.e telogen phase of a lash growth cycle that results in fluttery eyelashes. 

There are three phases of eyelashes growth pattern i.e active, transition, and resting phase which is called anagen, catagen, and telogen phase respectively after applying eyelashes growth serums. During an active stage, eyelashes grow constantly. This stage can last between 4-6 weeks. During the transition stage, hair follicles start to shrink and eyelashes extension is at maximum extent. This stage lasts 2-3 weeks. During the resting period, eyelashes get thicken and result in voluminous lashes.

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What are the best eyelash growth serums?

      In the daily market, there is the availability of several brands of eyelashes growing serums but among the varieties here are some best eyelash growth serums:

  • Latisse is the FDA-approved eyelash growth serum that helps to enhance hair growth of eyelashes and of eyebrows too.
  • Lash and Brow enhancing serum helps to enhance the growth of eyelashes with 100% accuracy.  
  • Equate Hydra-Strength Conditioning lash serum provides fluttery lashes by repairing the damaged lashes.
  • A peptide-based Turbo serum promotes the strength, extent, and volume of lashes.
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How to use eyelash-growth serums?

You have to be careful about its usage if you are choosing eyelash growth serums. As the eye is a vital sensitive organ, you must have to avoid getting tough products. Mostly, it is recommended to use the product close to the lash root. If done so, proper tear function can eventually become clogged.

To use eyelash growth serums, the easiest method is to start an application from an inner corner of the eye working towards the outside by using a hand on the same side as the eye you are working on so that you would not get disturbed.

Which is the one eyelash growth serum that is proven to work?

 Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment that is proven to enhance the voluminous growth of eyelashes. It is actually an effective treatment whose key ingredient is bimatoprost that reduces pressure against the eye that facilitates longer and thicker eyelashes. You need to apply it regularly at night before going to bed and can take months to notice an effective result. 

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What are the rules to apply eyelash growth serums?

Eyelash growth serums are truly amazing as they ensure gorgeous lashes. You have to apply it following certain crucial steps which are as follows;

  1. Apply eyelash growth serums on clean and dry lashes: You should always apply eyelash growth serums on dry and clean lashes just before going to bed. You should do this step after your makeup removal for prompt results.
  1. Target the lash root rather than the length: The nourishing serum should be applied at the root of hair follicles for proper strengthening of lashes. It would not be as effective as it needs to be if the eyelash growth serum is applied at strands rather than root.
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  1. Apply eyelash growth serums regularly once a day: You must not apply the serum as per your wish. You should just apply it once a day because haphazard use of serum may lead to off rooting of lashes or may not work anymore on your eye.

Are eyelash growth serums safe to use?

 Though it has many positive and beneficial sides, eyelash growth serums have some adverse effects on an individual. Some of the effects are as follows;

  1. Glaucoma is occurred which reduces eye pressure
  2. Redness and acute itchiness on eye 
  3. Hair starts growing excessively in the areas the product touches frequently. 
  4. Discoloration of iris.
  5. Eyelids get darken.

Eyelash growth serums is simply a beauty-enhancing serum that makes your eyes look gorgeous. You will get the desired fluttered lashes that facilitate your eyes with additive charm and brilliance. So, have a gorgeous eye to look up the beautiful world by the prettiest you.

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