There is a reason why pedicures and other foot care should be a part of your skincare routines. Because of your active lifestyle and constant wearing of slippers and flat sandals, your feet are more vulnerable to wear and tear. Your feet become fatigued due to dead skin, blisters, calluses, and filth. As with any other part of your body, your feet require the same level of care and maintenance. We offer the best foot scrubs for dead skin, which are thankfully short and inexpensive. Foot hygiene requires ongoing attention despite monthly pedicures. 

The best foot scrubs for dead skin can remove dead skin and foot blemishes that can potentially hurt you while also exfoliating your feet. Exfoliation and moisturizing on a daily basis are crucial for good skin. So it is advised that you scrub your feet at least twice every week.

homemade foot scrub for dead skin

You can remove dullness and dead skin by using the best foot scrubs for dead skin, which are filled with a mixture of exfoliating granules and cream. A foot scrub is rougher than those applied to the body and face. This is due to how thicker the skin is on your feet. In order to make your feet soft and smooth, you must look for the best foot scrubs for dead skin with hydrating ingredients. Give your feet a much-needed pedicure at home by taking some time for yourself. For your soles’ rejuvenation, we’ve compiled a list of foot cleanses that soften.

What are the best foot scrubs for dead skin? 

Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask

The original foot mask, if you will. You’ve probably seen the images of peeling feet that went viral on the Internet a few years ago, and you may have even used the product. You have to if not. In addition to nourishing soles, the best foot scrubs for dead skin help remove dead skin cells in the most pleasurable sheets. Glycolic acid, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid are among the mixture of exfoliating and moisturizing components in the composition. Simply put your feet in the booties with the gel, soak them for fifteen minutes, and then wash them off.

Patchology Poshpeel Pedicure

manicure and pedicure

Pour the exfoliating essence from the supplied packet into the adorable tiny booties and slide your feet inside after soaking your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Simply rinse your feet when an hour has passed, then get on with your day. Dry skin and calluses will begin to slough off within a week, revealing softer, smoother feet in no time. AHAs (or acids) and moisturizers are present in the best foot scrubs for dead skin (like castor oil and rosemary extract). Along with one pair of booties, it also includes two packets of activating essences for several treatments.

Tonymoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

Sadly, discomfort and itching can be brought on by dry skin. Fortunately, after only one application of this 6-in-1 sheet mask, your feet will be soothed and smoothed. Simply put on the booties, evenly distribute the exfoliating liquid inside of each bootie, and allow it to soak for up to 90 minutes. To stop irritation and provide a pleasant cooling effect, peppermint extract is used in its formulation. The glycolic and salicylic acids, which make up the AHA and BHA mixture, also exfoliate the skin. Also available to moisturize dry spots are a variety of oils, including argan and lavender.

Prolinc Callus Eliminator

You don’t have two hours to wait while your foot treatment takes effect. Instead, try these best foot scrubs for dead skin that come with highly effective gel. Simply apply it on top of dry calluses, allow it to absorb for three to five minutes, and then use a pumice stone to smooth off any rough spots. The 18 oz bottle will also last you the entirety of the summer and then some. Only three to five minutes are required for you to wear it before rinsing it off.

Pursources Urea 40% Foot Cream

These best foot scrubs for dead skin probably won’t satisfy your need for satisfactory physical exfoliation. However, Sarah E. Haller, D.P.M., a podiatrist who uses this cream on her patients, highly suggests it if you’re searching for a more gentle substitute (and on her own feet). When applied frequently, it can aid in softening and exfoliating tough, calloused feet while also reducing the accumulation of dead skin over time. It’s excellent for those who have extremely dry skin and damaged lips. The best foot scrubs for dead skin contain urea, a substance that can help in the treatment of skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

Dermora Foot Peel Mask


The best foot scrubs for dead skin is prepared to put your foot issues to rest, and they will do it promptly, whether you have dry, cracked, or stinky feet. You’ll notice the peeling start with this mask in as little as three days, whereas other masks could take a week or more to show effects. Use the two contained masks for a month (i.e., once every two weeks) for the greatest results, and your calluses will appear brand-new. Papaya and coconut extracts are among the components and add moisture. To make cleanup simpler, your skin sheds in big sheets.

Opi Pro Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Try this sugar scrub for a more traditional exfoliation. Scoop out a small amount and massage it into rough areas for about three minutes before rinsing, just like they do at the nail shop. To keep your feet feeling more comfortable for longer, we advise incorporating it into your weekly routine. For a truly spa-like experience, it’s created with sugar granules, cupuacu butter, and white tea.

How can I soften my feet overnight?

Simply cover your feet with cotton socks and generously apply petroleum jelly to the feet, heel, and toe region before going to bed. Your feet should feel smooth and supple in the morning. If desired, you can do this every night.

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