Since you were young, you’ve been using your mother’s mascara wand to get by. Are you certain that you are curling your eyelashes the way they should be done a few years from now? How to curl eyelashes? Although curling your eyelashes isn’t a science and shouldn’t be, if you don’t have the correct techniques and equipment, you could struggle with the subject. There are only two types of people: those who can curl their eyelashes and adore doing so, and those who simply do not comprehend the hype surrounding it.

How to curl eyelashes? Not every single person in the world has naturally long, curling lashes. In such a case, you’re lucky! Although certain lash curling equipment can help, many people have to curl their eyelashes by hand. We’ll go over different methods for curling the lashes as well as alternatives if you don’t want to do it every single day. An eyelash curler is the most effective tool for curving natural lashes. For those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to have naturally raised lashes, these were created. You need to choose the curler kind that is most effective for you from a variety of available options. How to curl eyelashes? Read on. 

Types of Eyelash Curlers 

Traditional Eyelash Curlers

how to curl eyelashes

How to curl eyelashes? When curling eyelashes, you rest them on a rubber pad that is typically attached to them, which is typically made of metal. While curling, some have handles with loops that you can insert your fingers into, while others have handled without loops that you hold more like tongs or tweezers. Probably what comes to mind when you think of an eyelash curler is this type, which is the most prevalent.

Compact Plastic Curlers

The little, portable, plastic eyelash curler is another common design. How to curl eyelashes? Similar to the traditional type, these can typically be operated with one hand, although they are utilized significantly differently. These are smaller and may even fit in your pocket, which is why some people prefer them.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

Some eyelash curlers, it’s true have a heating element! How to curl eyelashes? These work in a similar manner as a curling iron or a hair straightener, which are examples of hair heat tools. They employ heat more quickly and successfully curl lashes.

How to curl eyelashes like a pro? 

Start Off With Clean Lashes

How to curl eyelashes? Cleaning eyelashes first is crucial before curling them is a must. Sure, it’s simple to give a makeup wipe a quick swipe and leave some of yesterday’s mascara intact, but trust us when we say you don’t want to. When you go to curl your eyelashes, if there is any mascara on them already (even a tiny bit), it may cause the lashes to clump together. Even more concerning, if your lashes are tacky or sticky from mascara smudges, you run a higher risk of unintentionally yanking your eyelashes out with the curler. Bring on the frightened gasps.


Use the Curler First

Many individuals believe that curling the lashes completes a great makeup look for the face. This is a common misperception considering that mascara is usually one of the final cosmetics to be applied. But the reality is just the contrary! How to curl eyelashes? Before applying eyeliner and eyeshadow to your lids, you need certainly to make sure that your lashes are curled. Mascara can still be your final stop on the eye makeup train, but curling your lashes first will allow you to get as close to the lash line as possible before applying any other eye makeup.

Do the Squeeze and Pulse

No, this is not the newest trend in viral videos. You should keep this in mind when curling your eyelashes. Some people believe that you should simply clamp down and hang on for dear life until the lashes are curled, but doing so results in an unnatural-looking bend. How to curl eyelashes? Try this alternative instead: Make sure that all of the eyelashes are inside the curler by starting as near the lash line as you can. After that, slowly tighten the clamp while giving it a gentle squeeze and pulsing for eight to ten seconds.

Three to four times per eye should be plenty; each time, move the curler along the lengths of the lashes. Instead of a twisted or crimped appearance, you will notice that you achieve a more naturally curled eyelash using this technique. Although it requires a little patience, it eventually pays off.

Keep Your Eyes Open

How to curl eyelashes? Despite how obvious it may seem, keep an eye out! Closing your eye prevents you from seeing what you’re doing and prevents you from getting close enough to the lash line. The eye on the side you are curling may need to be slightly closed when you first place your eyelashes in the curler, but you shouldn’t completely close it. Consider closing your eyes only to a point where you can still see, maybe 75%.

Tips To Maintain Your Eyelash Curler

1. Clean Your Eyelash Curler


How to curl eyelashes? Your eyelash curlers should also be cleaned, much like your makeup brushes and blenders. Another risk factor for eye infections is dirty eyelash curlers. Wash your tools with just plain soap and water.

2. Keep Switching Your Curler

How to curl eyelashes? Your eyelash curler’s cushion pads start to deteriorate over time, and the curl doesn’t hold as well as you’d like. When the pads start to wear out, replace your curler.

How do you curl eyelashes with Vaseline?

As you curl your lashes and hold the eyelash curler in place, use a clean spoolie to brush your lashes upward after applying Vaseline or lip balm to the curler. Vaseline will keep your eyelashes curled for a lot longer than regular mascara.

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