Food Coloring Hacks

Food coloring is also called colors additive dye, pigment or substance. Generally when added orĀ dropped to any drink, it imparts in many forms. There are many simple daily food coloring hacks which we can do with edible colors :

What can you do with food coloring?

Hack 1: Face painting

You can participate in face painting activities ,it works as painting colors also. Allow you to enjoy the activities.

Also to create a different character or look (Favorite cartoon character or animal ). As this is for temporary use you can create a look for drama, fun and enjoyment. Basically we can call it face coloring also. So it will give you a funny time pass activity to enjoy your day .

Hack 2: Dye hair (temporary)

Food coloring is used for dyeing your hair for temporary purposes like it will give you a short look of your hair. So you can use food coloring for dyeing for short duration. The process is similar as done in beauty salon it will be easy for you:

  • Take bowl and the colors you want to apply 
  • Mix it properly 
  • Apply it with brush on the hair where you want to dye (the portion of hair)
  • Cover it up(silver paper )

Hack 3: Tints for lip colors

You can use food coloring to create various tints for your lips by following few steps:

  • Take glycerin start to pour in a bowl
  • Take your favorite food coloring and Vaseline jelly
  • Instead of petroleum jelly you can use any lipstick or lip balm also.
  • Mix both them together
  • Leave it for a few seconds in the microwave.
  • You can use it on your hands before you can use it on your lips.

Hack 5 : Mix the food coloring to create new colors

You will enjoy experimenting with food colors to create new colors, blend it and find out what colors you want. These kinds of activities help you to revise your brain and know new things also. It will surely help you to know your creative side.

Food coloring is part of enjoying your day and by adding colors. So enjoy your day with colors.

Hack 6: Use as  blush

Yes, we can use food coloring as blush for our skin works as a makeup kit which will surely help you when you forget your blush.

These all activities are performed for your skin and fun activities, beauty tricks as well. This can help you to save money and time. Other than this food color is used for many other household and decorative purposes as well. Enjoy food coloring experiment on skin.

Food coloring is easy to ingest and doesn’t harm because we can use it for an aesthetic purpose but keep small children distance with food coloring and handle it in a proper manner. Don’t over use it also and before using the proper method to use also.