Every moment of your wedding day will be in the spotlight, so it only makes sense that you would want to look flawlessly styled. Your skin and hair are therefore in good shape. How about your wedding nails, though? How to prep your nails before the wedding? Naturally, your hands will be included in the performance, but don’t forget about your feet as well. Even if you don’t plan on wearing sandals with open toes, you still need to have polished toenails for your honeymoon. We must go through the preparatory advice, fashions, and ideas you require for flawless wedding manicures.

You may be confident that your left hand will be admired on your wedding day given how well-liked it was when you were engaged. You’ll want to learn how to have healthy nails for the big day because you’ll be showing off your new ring and taking wedding photos. In the months leading up to the wedding, you’ll want to take care of your nails, especially your cuticles and hands, just as you may create a fitness plan. This will guarantee that you have healthy, intact nails. How to prep your nails before the wedding?

How to prep your nails before the wedding?

1. Moisturize Your Nail Beds


Even though we know you’re all eager to try out the newest nail art trends, you need to start by strengthening your nails in order to achieve the perfect nail appearance. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Observe the following advice. Put cuticle lotion or oil on them daily to nourish your cuticles. 

Your nail and the skin surrounding the nail bed will also be protected, as well as repair. If you want to give your cuticles an overnight treatment, choose a non-greasy cream and apply it before bed if you intend to use it during the day after each time you wash your hands.

2. Give Your Cuticles A Rest

Give your cuticles a rest if the big day is approaching. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Cut and push back your cuticles as little as possible each week to avoid damaging your nails’ natural coat of protection. Cuticle lotion or oil might help to strengthen your circles by moisturizing them. For nail nourishment and protection, use moisturizing oils like almond or olive oil.

3. Don’t Buff Your Nails

How to prep your nails before the wedding? Buffing can cause chipping the day after receiving manicures and can thin your nails. To maintain the proper level of hydration, gently buff. While buffing can remove ridges, it can also thin your nails, so use caution in the months leading up to your wedding.

4. Trim Those Hangnails

nailcare tips

Hangnails are something you may be familiar with if you are a nail-biting junkie. The ripped flesh close to the nail’s root may hurt and become infected. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Avoid picking at your hangnails with your teeth by trimming them with a nail cutter.

5. Don’t Forget Your Toes

Take good care of your toenails in addition to your hand nails. To get healthy nails all the way, use the same cleansing and moisturizing routine and choose monthly manicures. Considering how to maintain strong nails? How to prep your nails before the wedding? Include your toes in your routine, please! You shouldn’t overlook your toenails on the big day, even if you plan to wear closed-toed shoes. 

Get a manicure once a month, or at least every six weeks, to keep your nails healthy and the skin on your feet moisturized. Additionally, you can purchase pumice stones, foot filers, and foot lotion to assist maintain healthy nails and feet at home.

6. Properly Remove Your Acrylic Nails

Learning how to remove artificial nails correctly is one of the key steps to having healthy nails. The nicest thing at weddings, though, might be long-lasting nails. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Make sure you carefully remove them under your manicurist’s supervision or even with at-home solutions because they can also harm the health of your nails. 

How to prep your nails before the wedding? Using hot water and acetone is the most typical procedure. Put boiling water in one basin and acetone in the other. The nails should soak for 20 to 25 minutes in the acetone dish in the hot water bowl. Once the acrylic has loosened, you can carefully remove the nails.

7. Go for regular manicures

how to prep your nails before the wedding

How to prep your nails before the wedding? One to two months before the big day, depending on the condition of your nails and cuticles, begin receiving weekly manicures. Start months early if you bite your nails and want to grow them out healthier. By making your nails stronger and maintaining the cleanliness and moisture of the skin around them, each visit will help you have healthy nails.

8. Stop biting and picking your nails

If you tend to pick or bite your nails, you should try to stop doing so in the months before your wedding. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Manicures on a weekly basis can help. Additionally, avoid picking or ripping out hangnails because doing so can result in an infection.

9. Try on different nail polish colors

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to test-drive various colors with weekly manicures, allowing you to decide which one to wear on your wedding day. How to prep your nails before the wedding? Since colors will appear differently on people with different skin tones, discuss some possibilities with your manicurist, such as French manicures, various pale or pink tints, and nail art.

How many days before the wedding should nails be done?

You should have your nails done a day or two prior to the wedding. Fear not—on the day of your wedding, your manicure and pedicure will still look wonderful. It goes without saying that this is also the time for your rehearsal dinner and ceremony (unless you have it the day of the wedding like we did).

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