Are you Wondering “What gets food coloring off skin?

To remove food coloring off skin there are many ways to get rid from it. Here we have listed few ways on how to remove food coloring from skin:

How to remove food coloring from skin?

Beginning of the procedure we request you to follow the safety measures before going through food coloring process. Use hand gloves to protect your hand and also check if the chemical that are listed are with no harms and approved by the dermatologist.

Before applying to skin you must be careful and take a time to discuss with skin specialist. As we all have different skin nature it’s important to know before it harms you.

Does food coloring stain skin?

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1. Remove color with Tooth Paste

Use your tooth paste on the areas where the colors had been used on your skin apply on it and wash it off with water or you can also use soap as well with this.

One additional thing to remember is that if you get food coloring on your face, don’t use toothpaste on your face skin.

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2. Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are highly used to remove food coloring off skin but don’t use both of them together,like vinegar is acidic in nature while baking soda is a basic compound which may react together.

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So first make the paste of baking soda while applying on the skin remember you must rinse it vinegar from your skin then also you step to this procedure .Rub the paste of baking soda and alternatively use vinegar rub also so it can be easy and consume less time as well .

Vinegar is one of the best liquids used for beauty techniques. But we have to take care of the sensitivity of your skin because it is one of a kind of acidic nature and excess use may harm skin.

3. Apply Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer

We can also use rubbing alcohol and non acetone nail polish remover (not in your face). Rubbing alcohol is an antiseptic which is generally used for healing, massage or fragrance.

Note: Shaving cream is also used to remove food coloring off skin but don’t apply on your face. Do consult your dermatologist before using.

4. Baby Oil

Oils like coconut are also used to remove the food coloring of skin. Johnson baby oil is also good to apply on your face. It doesn’t harm your skin and is also good to use for nourishment.


These oils are rich sources of vitamins E which easily remove the colors away and doesn’t not allow your skin to suffer through any kind of harm. Also if not one time it works, repeat after a certain break and see how it works, slowly but effectively. These techniques are natural and best too.

Your safety is in your hands, don’t forget food coloring chemicals we use because due to less time and busy schedule we are not able to make organic things for us. So don’t forget to use the hand gloves when you are going through this process to remove food coloring from skin. The very first priority of yourself .

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