What gets food coloring off skin?

There are many methods which help to get off food coloring out of skin. So the following steps will help you to know the techniques :

How to get rid of food coloring on skin?

Step 1: Use white vinegar

Use a soak clean and  wash cloth dip in a chemical (white vinegar)which acts as a cleaning agent in the skin.

The picture clears the image of white vinegar which is used to remove stain from skin, fabrics and all other things .

Step 2: Coconut Oil

If it is not so hard food coloring , We can simply use coconut oil dip in cotton and rinse your face with that cotton dip in the oil. Coconut oil is highly rich in vitamins and also used to remove dirt’s and stains from skin.

Step 3: Light warm water

Gently rub the affected areas of skin by using washcloth. Which little warm water. It is highly effective for this procedure. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Step 4: Toothpaste with Baking Soda

We can use any paste which we usually do daily and mix baking soda (baking soda: which is known as sodium bicarbonate) act as a bleaching agent. It’s essential properties helps to remove the stubborn stains which last after we use food coloring in skin. It’s easily removable, also baking soda helps to lighten and brighten our skin and protects from sun burns, itching and all other skin problems.

Step 5: Wash it with Soap

So moving ahead, you have to rinse it (the paste you had made with your daily toothpaste and baking soda ). Apply soap and water to remove that paste off from the skin. You can see the result that the colors get away from the skin. 

Other helpful tips:

We can use simple hacks to get rid of this food coloring off to skin by :

  • By using toothpaste, shaving cream and dish wash.
  • Use lemon and sugar (lemon act good bleaching agent)
  • You can also use any liquid which contains alcohol in amount helps to treat this issue (consult properly and see the label than apply only)
  • Water and oxiclean (it is used in household purposes to clean the stubborn stain from any materials and skin too but before apply on face must consult than do because face skin is really sensitive it acts faster to bleaching agent).

These things are related with your skin. Everyone should be aware their skin types that some skin are very sensitive. So moving ahead to these steps you must consult one your dermatologist. They can give advice to go on according to your skin. It is safe to apply but according to your skin nature. Prevent yourself before the cure.