Vaseline Beauty Hacks: Top 14 beauty hacks every girl should know

Vaseline is widely used in beauty world because of its essential properties that enhance level of skin care. Vaseline beauty hacks are the must essential beauty hacks that every girl should know. It is easy and best way to improve skin and many more. As well as its cheap and affordable that everyone can afford and take it’s maximum benefits. So here are some beauty hacks with Vaseline which is needed in daily basis to all of us.

Beauty Hacks with Vaseline:

1. Eyelashes Beauty hacks

Vaseline helps to increases the growth of your eye lashes.

  • You can regularly apply it as mascara for your eyes .
  • It save time and money as well as easily available to shop.
  • What you have to do is you can apply Vaseline with your fingers to your eyelashes or any stick that can make you easy to put but fingers will be easy for you.

2. Soft and Glowing Skin

You can simply apply Vaseline on your face and leave it overnight. It moisturizes your skin and hydrates as well and make your skin glowing & smooth . As it acts best to keep your skin soft. Vaseline body lotion is also used as face cream which softens your body skin.

How can Vaseline make your skin glow?

Vaseline is a great way to moisturize the skin. Its an awesome replacement for highlighter. Put little amount on the high surface of your face and it will create a dewy and natural glow. You can also add small amount of highlighter above. Regular use at night helps you to make long lasting glassy skin. Dont use it on day time it will tan your skin.

3. Long Lasting Perfume Hacks

Vaseline help to keep long lasting perfume on the body. Well what you all have  to do is just rub Vaseline jelly on your wrist, behind your ears, behind knee, inside elbow and base of the throat and apply perfume over them. Which will spread the fragrance and keep you fresh and good for long time. Easy way to stay fresh and active all day long.

4. Cure Dryness on Skin

Vaseline is only jelly you can use all seasons as it works best for dryness and keeps your skin and lips soft and beautiful. Apply it on your lips and on dry skin area on a regular basis. Vaseline is petroleum jelly due to its  jellyness keeps away the roughness in the dryer parts.

5. Act as Makeup Remover

The best makeup remover, Vaseline helps to remove the stubborn makeup from your skin and doesn’t harm as well. Anytime you can use effective beauty techniques. Just take a cotton and dip the vaseline and gently rub over the face to remove the makeup after that you can wash your face.

6. Can Make Lip Balm

You can make lip balm and tints for your lips with Vaseline. All you need to do is take 1 tablespoon of Vaseline, food color and mix both the ingredients together and leave it for a few minutes in the microwave. After that you can use as lipstick for your lips.

7. Treatment for Rough Hair

Vaseline is one of the best treatment for our hair. Also it easily removes the dryness and roughness of our hair. What you have to do is just apply Vaseline in your hair or mix Aloe Vera with it. If you follow this procedure for twice a week you can see effective results for your problems.

8. Make your nail polish bottle easy to open if it’s hard

If your nail polish container is hard to open what you need to do is just apply the Vaseline around the container it easily opens .Air entering inside the container makes this hack will make it easy.

9. Can Use as Highlighter

Use Vaseline replacing highlighter as Vaseline shines where ever you apply it shine and works as highlighter for your skin. So you can add to your beauty lighter.

10. For Babies Soft Skins

It works best for babies also to remove the rashes that are caused by diapers. So we can apply them on their soft skin .Vaseline is better for babies because their skin is sensitive .

11. Make Lip Scrub

You can use Vaseline as lip scrub also let me tell you, what you have to do is just mix Vaseline with sugar and rub gently over your lips. It cleanses your lips and softens also .You can scrub your lips twice or thrice a week.

12. Use as Cream Eye-shadow

You can use it as an eye shadow in the form of glide eye shadow. Mix the favorite color of your shadow and apply it. It works easily and gives you the best look for the parties and late night events.

13. Soften your Ear Holes

Sometimes it often so hard to put earrings to your ear holes. So what you need to do is apply Vaseline around the holes so it will easily enter.

14. Recovery of Stretch Marks

Vaseline helps to remove stretch marks which is generally a problem for pregnant women’s and seen nowadays to younger ones also due to hormonal imbalance. So you can apply Vaseline mixing it with Aloe vera in the area of stretch marks.

As prevention is better than cure, excessive use of any things leads to problems as Vaseline is also part of artificial beauty but not dangerous so use in limit and as I always say know your skin type to avoid any reaction to it .