Clean and healthy nails make your hand and feet look beautiful and somehow gives you confidence either. Manicures facilitate healthy and happy hands along with nails by exfoliating rough and dead cells. In today’s era, not only women are involved in manicures and pedicures but also men’s involvement is in the increasing ratio in comparison to females. Male manicure facilitates smoothening of the skin of hands, exfoliating dead cells, and shaping the nails.


Male manicure is as popular as female manicure which pampers you with your clean and happy hands along with nails. This process alleviates the confidence and personality of one’s indirectly. It is considered one of the convenient procedures to keep your nails and hand clean and well-pampered. A male manicure repairs dead tissues and alleviates the skin functioning too well.

What are the reasons to get a male manicure?

Since we have already mentioned that manicure is considered reliable to have by man. In order to stimulate the blood circulation and longevity of nail health, a male manicure is seemed fruitful to have. It is a golden chance to have an illness-free nail and healthy smooth skin. Here are some of the reasons to get a male manicure; 

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  1. It facilitates nail extension, as well as improvement, is seen in one’s health. 
  2. It serves you with a relaxing and gentle hand massage that sweeps away your stress and anxiety.
  3. It maintains and regulates blood circulation as well as prevents numbness.
  4. It exfoliates dead cells and improves your skin tone and skin condition as well. 
  5. It restores the hydration state of nails and keeps your nails strong and healthy.

How can you perform a male manicure?

The process is just simple. You just need to take a bowl with lukewarm water to proceed further. Such activity boosts your blood circulation and maintains your hygienic behavior. A male manicure stimulates your skin by exfoliating rough dead skin cells and gives you charming and young skin. Here are some of the steps regarding male manicure;

  1. Soak your hands in lukewarm water for a while.
  2. Pat dry your soaked hands to proceed with the process.
  3. Hold your nail with a nail clipper by starting from the sides of the nail.
  4. Always use a nail file in one direction to smooth the cut edge of the nails.
  5. Use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticle from nails surface and apply cuticle remover to exfoliates skin touching cuticle.
  6. Apply a hand scrubber to scrub the skin and hands and removes dead skin cells.
  7. Use a cotton ball to clean up your nails only.
  8. Apply a buffer to buff your nail till it shines as per your desire.
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What are the best male manicure sets?

 Since everyone promises that the products manufactured by them are seemed to be effective but not all the products show promising effects as they are mentioned to do. Here are some of the products in the market that supports your manicure with their skin-loving features and all.

  1. Takumi Craftsman Luxury 9-Piece Grooming Kit
  2. Mr. Green Manicure Set
  3.  Men’s Basics Nail Clippers Set
  4. HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set
  5. Corewill Manicure and Pedicure Set Nail Clippers 12 in 1
  6. Revlon Men’s Series Grooming Kit
  7. Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit
  8. FAMILIFE 11 in 1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set
  9. Czech & Speake Leather-Bound Manicure Set
  10.  ONME 15 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set

How much does a male manicure cost?

The price of a male manicure varies with the people and salon. In the USA, it may cost $30 to $40 for a single service. At some places, the local salon may cost $20 on average where the standard salon costs $40 to $50.

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