When it comes to our beautiful facial appearance, we never compromise. We do not even adjust in terms of money. Our facial appearance is the key to our strong personality. Perfect facial appearance indicates perfect eyelashes, perfect skin, a perfectly shaped nose, and perfect natural eyebrows. 

Some chosen people only have perfect natural brows. A rare number of people have thick eyebrows and they don’t have to fake it. Although there are various ways to grow eyebrows, microblading eyebrows could be best. 

Yes, there is an eyebrow transplantation procedure, eyebrow gel, and eyebrow extension but this microblading eyebrows technique provides reliable results. It seems like you have natural eyebrows even after microblading them. But what microblading eyebrows are? 

What are microblading eyebrows? 


Microblading eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure that is offered to provide natural-looking and defined eyebrows. It is the type of eyebrow architecture where a tiny microblade needle and the medical graded color pigment are used to tattoo the hair on the brows. The tiny tool used in this process is like a pen with a sloped blade that carries 10-12 needles. 

Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading eyebrows or tattooing the eyebrows is a semi-permanent procedure. And this treatment of eyebrows may last only up to 2-3 years.  It fills in the gap areas of eyebrows to make them thicker and fuller. It makes the eyebrows realistic, creating fine and natural hair strands. 

How long do microblading eyebrows last?

Of course, microblading means tattooing the surface of eyebrows with the color pigment. But it’s not permanent like traditional tattoos. Due to the minimum amount of pigment usage and different tools to do micro-blading, is way different from traditional tattoos. The microblading lasts anywhere between 2 and 3 years. And once the color pigment about the fade away, you immediately need to visit the specialist for the touch-up sessions. Also, a touch-up application is necessary every six months or one year. 

Procedure of Microblading Eyebrows

Consult an Esthetician

Your decision only is not enough to bring changes to your facial appearance. To reshape your eyebrows, you also need a specialist who can suggest whether you have to change your eyebrows or not. Find a specialist who has done training on microblading and discuss the shape and other thighs related to it. 

Taking measurements

Generally, taking the measurements of the shape of the brows is the most important part of the process. The specialist had to take measurements using their specific tools. This measurement process will actually help to determine the start and endpoints of the eyebrows. It will help to shape the new brows on the point of natural eyebrows. 

Drawing with pencil and outlining

microblading eyebrows

Before starting your microblading process, you need to first thread your eyebrows and get them cleaned. After that, the process includes drawing the perfect outline with the pigment near to the natural eyebrows so that we can get the best shape. The stretch will be temporary just to have the look of your new eyebrows. 

Matching of pigments

The color pigment that will be using in the process of microblading eyebrows has to match your natural eyebrows color. This is actually an important part of the procedure that you can’t ignore. This process helps to choose the right color as per your skin tone and hair and verifies them over again. If it’s ignored, you will have to tolerate the frustrating eyebrows for the last 2 years. 


Numbing your skin is really necessary to execute the process. Numbing helps to make your skin unconscious and there is no pain felt during the process. The specialist will numb the skin of the eyebrows areas making sure that the cut will not give you pain. For that, they will apply the numbness cream on the areas and massage it for some time. It is an anesthetic and can be done once or more than one time depending on your skin type. 


layering eyebrows

Making sure that your specialist had PMU training and a qualified person, start your microblading process. This process is done in layers which can be a little bit painful if you had not applied the numbness cream. The microblade tool carries tiny 10-12 needles that help to attach the small and thin hair of pigment to the skin of the eyebrows areas. This process is so sensitive and you have to be careful while doing it. After the completion of layering the eyebrows, your eyebrows may feel swelling and redness by the cut that is completely common. 

Is it safe?

Even though the needle delicately scratches the surface and doesn’t penetrate the skin, it is risky to complete the process. After the completion of the procedure, there may occur some side effects that you may not be known about:

microblading eyebrows
  1. You cannot use sunbeds or sit in the direct sunlight before 2 weeks, it will affect the treatment of eyebrows.
  2. You can’t use facial treatment or any other beauty products before the completion of at least 2 weeks. 
  3. It will cause an allergic reaction in the infected areas.
  4. The one microblade is used for every patient so that it may cause HIV, hepatitis, and bacteria diseases. 
  5. Do not do threading, tweezing, or waxing your natural eyebrows before one week. 
  6. You cannot use retinoids and vitamin A products at least for one month.
  7. It may cause rashes, skin irritation, redness, and swelling in the areas. 
  8. The scars given by the needle while microblading the eyebrows may grow bigger than normal if you had keloids before. 

 How much does eyebrow microblading cost?

Well, microblading eyebrows is a difficult and risky procedure to execute. The cost for doing microblading is a little pricy. It cost anywhere between $500 and $800. Since it is a semi-permanent tattoo on your eyebrows and it is tricky to carry out, it‘s worth spending the extra money to have it done right and defined. 

The defined eyebrows define your whole look as well as your mood. If you have thin eyebrows, get effective microblading eyebrows that will make your life even better.

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