The feeling of having healthy, gorgeous nails is indescribable, but taking the time (and spending the money!) to keep them looking good shouldn’t be your go-to strategy. However, thanks to a lengthy homestay, many of us are now attempting DIY manicures at home and discovering tips on how to develop strong nails naturally. You’ve come to the right place if you want to give up acrylics and satisfy your craving for strong nails. How to grow strong nails naturally? 

Here is how to fix your damaged nail beds, how to grow strong nails naturally, and restore them to their former glory with just a few minor lifestyle changes. Prepare to grow nails that are robust and healthy. Are long, robust nails your thing? Who wouldn’t, I suppose? but hey, look what! Making the nails of your dreams a reality is difficult. It is not, however, impossible. The growth of attractive nails that are also strong can be aided by a few tips and tricks. How to grow strong nails naturally? The following advice can be used by you.

How to grow strong nails naturally?

1. Hydration Is The Key


How to grow strong nails naturally? Hydration is a known secret for healthy nails, just like it is for the skin. While there are many causes of brittle nails, regularly hydrating your nail beds shields them from further harm. Satisfy the nail’s utmost cries for moisture by massaging hand lotion over it liberally as you apply it. As a quick fix, you can even apply some nutritious lip balm on your nails to hydrate them right away.

2. Be A Pro In Nail Filing

Start filing your nails gently if you’re wondering how to grow them out stronger and thicker. The edges won’t tear or break as a result. How to grow strong nails naturally? Start at the outer edge and work your way toward the center while using a fine-grit file. Filing should only be done in one direction, not back and forth, to avoid frayed edges that could easily snag your nails and break them.

3. Pamper Your Cuticles

How to grow strong nails naturally? Say it with us: healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Avoid the typical practice of pushing back, cutting, and getting rid of cuticles. Give your cuticles a rest if you want to strengthen weak nails. They not only serve as a barrier against potential infections but also help to seal in moisture, which makes them strong and healthy. To prevent your nails from chipping, moisturize them with cream or cuticle oil.


4. Invest In A Nail-Friendly Diet

If your long, attractive nails take a long time to develop before breaking off suddenly, you may be lacking in biotin. How to grow strong nails naturally? Increase your intake of this B vitamin to help your diet and strengthen your weak nails. You can significantly raise your baseline biotin status by eating a variety of biotin-rich foods, such as almonds, avocados, milk, and more.

5. Stop Biting Your Nails

How to grow strong nails naturally? One healthy nail tip is to cease biting your nails all the time if you want to prevent frequent breakage. Not only is it good for your body (hygiene alert! ), but it also slows down the growth of your nails. Also crucial in this situation is patience. Change your attention from how to grow your nails quickly to how to strengthen them. Only good nail care practices will work in this situation, but it will take time.

6. Keep Your Nails Short

Keep your nails short if you want to improve their health, regardless of how much you love having long nails. The longer they are, the more they will likely contribute and become traumatized. How to grow strong nails naturally? Your nails are less likely to snag and break when you regularly trim them, just like you would with your hair. You can avoid seeing your nails deteriorate by clipping them every two weeks.

7. Olive oil

gel nail extensions

Olive oil is your best option if you have weak, damaged nails. Due to its natural ability to penetrate materials, olive oil may quickly reach the inner layer of your nails, where it can calm them and eliminate any dryness. Additionally, it promotes blood flow and fosters the development of nails. How to grow strong nails naturally? For around five minutes, gently massage your cuticles and nails with some warm virgin olive oil. Put gloves on and rest your hands all night.

8. Orange juice

Collagen synthesis is aided by oranges. The life of nails is increased by collagen, a crucial substance that aids in nail growth. Oranges’ anti-inflammatory qualities also help to stave against infections. How to grow strong nails naturally? Take a bowl of orange juice, and soak your nails for around ten minutes. Apply effective moisturizing after giving it a warm water rinse. To achieve the intended effects, attempt to do this at least once every day.

9. Cut down on gel and acrylic nails

How to grow strong nails naturally? The aesthetics of acrylic, gel and nail art are appealing. The strengthening and growth of your nails are however impeded by these acrylic and gel nails. It is acceptable to occasionally have your nails painted with gel or acrylic. The quality and growth of your nails are compromised if you frequently use nail art, acrylics, or gels.

What makes nails grow super fast?

How to grow strong nails naturally? Is biotin good for nails? A form of B vitamin known as biotin has been demonstrated to help people with brittle nails grow their nails thicker by about 25%. It also can improve nail smoothness and prevent nail splitting, eventually boosting faster development. The vitamin with the most power for growing hair and nails is biotin. You might choose to eat foods high in biotin like bananas or avocados in your diet, combined with taking biotin tablets.

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