You can pick any skincare product from the store and smell it, most of the products may have some sort of fragrance. And, honestly, sometimes we end up buying our products just because of that beautiful smell that comes out after opening the lid because we all love the fragrances, right? Of course, who can hate the beautiful smell of our favorite skincare products?
But does your skin feel the same about fragrance? Well, the answer is NO! But why?
Let’s get into why dermatologists and specialists always recommend fragrance-free products for better skin!

Why Choose Fragrance-Free Products?

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Most people don’t want to believe that fragrances are actually the most common irritants for skin and can even cause a negative reaction on your skin! The creams, body lotions, serums, oils, and other products that you may have been using for a long time can totally ruin your skin instead of repairing just because of fragrance.

But What Does Fragrance Do?

Fragrance, also called perfumes is basically a blend of aromatic extracts from synthetic and natural ingredients. The products that contain fragrance can irritate your skin, can have toxic hormonal effects, and may also cause skin cancer.
Fragrance may smell fabulous while applying to your skin or hair, but at the same time, can have lots of side effects on your skin health too.
So, as an alternative and to protect your skin it is always recommended to use fragrance-free products.

How To Recognize Fragrance-Free Products?

Fortunately, there are many fragrance-free products available in the market to rescue you from different types of skin irritations. No matter what your skin type is, you can always find the perfect fragrance free product in the stores according to your needs and skin type.

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To recognize the fragrance-free products for yourself, you need to see the list of ingredients on the product label. Numbers of ingredients are listed there, but you don’t need to understand all the mentioned ingredients, just make sure that the ingredients like- Fragrance, Citronellol, Limonene, Parfum/Perfume/Aroma, Linalool, Cinnamal, Geraniol, and Eugenol are not in the ingredients list.

But, this doesn’t mean that fragrance-free products are totally odorless, fragrance-free products can still have some fragrance because those are the natural fragrances of the ingredients used in the product. This type of fragrance in fragrance-free products indicates that there are no additional or artificial perfumes added to the product.

Is “Fragrance-Free” and “Unscented” the same?

A big NO for this! Even though the word may give similar meaning but these two totally differ from each other.
Unscented products might not give any smell at all while smelling, but definitely contains fragrance in their formula. Some ingredients in the products like yeast extract or soy which are great for your skin contain a strong odor, so in order to remove that smell company often add some fragrance to the product. This process is commonly called “nose-neutral” in the industry, as it is tweaked with added ingredients to disguise what’s present.

However, unscented products don’t always add chemicals to remove the odor. There are some ingredients called aromatic extract blends that do not contain chemicals. And the ingredients like the extract of lavender are totally natural and derived from pure plants whose odor can cover the base odor without adding any chemical components.
Unscented products can add both chemical and natural additives(who knows!) so, if you have sensitive skin you are always recommended to go for fragrance-free products.

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