What is facial hair removal? Have you ever thought of reducing unwanted facial hair? Facial hair removal is the process or act of eliminating the small-small hair from your face’s skin by using effective products. There are various ways and beauty tips that remove facial hair from the parts of your body. For a lot of people, facial hair doesn’t matter at all. They don’t even think of removing it. But for glowing and radiant skin, facial hair needs to be removed out.

People go to salons or parlors to treat their skin. A high number of girls or women remove their face’s hair from the specialist on parlor or by using a particular medical or cosmetic product. Using medical products is very good but following home remedies will be the best idea. 

Because of the unharmful and natural ingredients used in homemade facial hair removal masks or treatments, the skin will not react in a negative way. Likewise, cosmetic products or medical products usually react badly on the skin but homemade masks won’t react. Even if a natural mask doesn’t work to remove facial hair, it won’t show negative effects either. 

How to Remove Facial Hair?  

Generally, there are many options available in the market, cosmetics, or in the clinics to remove facial hair permanently as well as temporarily. But a high number of people want to eliminate or remove facial hair at home. Removing the facial hair at home could be the best choice if it is treated properly and in the right way. There are various tips and tricks to remove facial hair. They are:   


threading- remove facial hair

Threading is one of the best options for pulling out the hair follicles from deep inside the skin. It actually helps to remove unwanted facial hair. The appearance of unwanted hair on the eyebrows, upper lips, chin, and side of the face can be easily eliminated by the process of threading. This method needs a thread that pulls and twists the hair until it lifts from the follicles.

This threading method to remove facial hair doesn’t contain chemicals therefore it is safe and there is no risk of showing side effects or skin infections. This method is more reliable and long-lasting than shaving and tweezing.   


Depilatory creams contain chemicals like sodium, titanium dioxide, and barium sulfide. These chemicals breakdown proteins in the hair and make them weak so that they can easily dissolve and wash away. It is an effective and pain-free method to remove facial hair. These depilatories products are available in the form of gel, creams, and lotions. While these products can remove the hair of any parts of the body but specially designed for reducing facial hair. Even it can help to make smooth, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. 



Tweezing unwanted hair is one of the effective and inexpensive methods to remove facial hair. It works slightly differently than the others. Basically, it helps to pull out the hair follicle from the roots and it won’t be hurtful. But tweezing removes one hair at a time, it consumes more time than others do. It is best for the small areas of the skin such as around the eyebrows and upper lips.

How to Remove Facial Hair by Tweezing? 

First of all, before you begin the process, you need to wipe your face or the area with a warm washcloth to soften the skin. Then, isolate the hairs you want to remove. Holding your skin taut, grip the hair with the tweezer and quickly pull the hair in the direction of hair growth. To avoid skin infection and rashes, apply the ice cubes to the affected areas. 


Epilator is an electronic device that is specially designed for removing the hair from the roots. It removes the hair follicles using rotating tweezers that pull the hair upwards. It is also a long-lasting and reliable device that is similar to tweezing but it grabs multiple numbers of hair at a time and pulls them from the roots. 

How to Remove Facial Hair with Epilator? 

Firstly gently exfoliate your skin and pat your skin dry with a clean soft cloth. Then, hold the epilator device at a 90 degree right angle to the skin surface. After that, holding the skin tout, slowly move the epilator over the area of hair.


Waxing is a process of removing hair from the roots using melted wax to the skin. However, it is a painful method and a harsh exfoliation process, it takes out all the hair follicles from the roots and will not grow for several weeks. 

DIY homemade sugar wax

It sometimes can show the side effects on the surface of the affected areas. Before you wax, do a patch test on your skin and see if it reacts negatively or not. If it reacts, completely avoid doing wax on the skin. 

Does removing facial hair make it worse? 

Removing facial hair or the hair of any part of your body with the help of threading, tweezing, depilatories or epilator devices is safe. But sometimes these products may cause some side effects such as skin irritation and skin rashes. Also, these hair removal methods can lead to ingrown hair which we never want. The regrowth of hair can be even darkened, thicker, and noticeable in your affected areas. 

These are the best ways to remove facial hair out from the roots. If without breaking or cutting the hair from the middle while removing them it will be the best for the skin appearance. If the hair breakdown or cut from the middle of the hair, it will make worsen. While removing the facial hair, you need to be more careful and calm. 

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