Curly hair usually messed up while you are waking up from bed in the morning. This is soo annoying. Girls with curly hair are almost depressed due to their messy and unmanaged curly hair. Not only at the time of sleeping, but curly hair does also damage if it’s not cared for. the biggest and most asked question of almost every girl is How to maintain curly hair? 

It is so irritating and painful to detangle curly hair. Curly hair often comes with its own different kinds of challenges. Generally, an increased breakage, frizz, and dry hair could be the major cause of your unmanaged and frizzy hair. If the frizz and dry hair are being managed by the time, the curly hair works on itself. Our hair just needs the proper time and attention. People don’t brush their curly hair because they though brushing their hair damages their curls. But that’s not the truth, brushing is necessary for our hair management. 

Basically, people have many questions and confusion about maintaining their curls. Here we have some tips and tricks on how to maintain curly hair? How to take care of our hair and which products to use for hair improvement are smoothly described below in this entire article. 

Tips on how to maintain curly hair

tips on how to maintain curly hair

Nourish with shampoo

Generally, curly hair often tends to be dry. Due to the oil production by the scalp doesn’t reach the ends of the hair strands, the end and breakage of the split usually occur. To maintain the dryness and kinks of the hair, you need to nourish your hair with an effective shampoo. Use a weightless vita oil nourishing shampoo for your curls to deeply nourish your hair. It hydrated your hair from roots to the ends and prevent frizz and breakage. 

Pre-wash Treatment

Wondering how to maintain curly hair? Before washing your hair, a nourishing oil massage from the roots to the ends of the strands is actually needed. This prewash treatment is not only necessary for curly hair but also equally important to straight and wavy hair. You need to do oil massaging one night before you wash your hair. This treatment helps to control frizzy hair and promotes shiny and silky hair. 

Go easy on the drying

Knowingly, unknowingly, we dried out our hair with the use of the towel after the hair wash. And people usually questioned themself how to maintain curly hair? Firstly you need to stop using a towel to dry your wet hair. It only helps to increase the frizz not bring changes to the hair. Instead of toweling the hair, tilt your head forward and gently squeeze upward. It will help to remove out the excess water from the hair. 

Use your diffuser

While blowing your hair dry, a diffuser can be helpful. Directly blowing your hair dry will only cause frizz and tangles by the heat. Instead, use a diffuser to disturb the heat evenly and dry out your hair. But don’t over-dry it, over-drying your can is not good, you need to clear out the majority of the water and leave the rest to dry naturally.  

Minimize brushing

Brushing your hair daily is good to detangle and to add extra shine. But people who are frequently asking how to maintain curly hair should not be brushing their hair as others do. For straight and wavy hair brushing is necessary, but for the maintenance of curly hair, a lot of brushing could be dangerous. It will pull out the natural curls and provoke frizz which we don’t want either. Just brush your curls on wet hair that will unpick the tangles and manage the curls. You need to take care of brushing your hair when it’s dry. Or use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and avoid breakage. 

Use oils on wet hair

Prewash treatment is oaky but have you ever tried oiling your hair when it is wet? How to maintain curly hair? How to make frizz-free and shiny curl? These problems can be solved once you use a grease-free oil on your wet hair. The oil or the curly hair care products helps to lock the moisture and keep your curls thick and lustrous. Just take a few drops of grease-free oil on your hand and slightly rub your hands then gently apply the oil on your wet hair. This will add luminosity with every use of it. It will promote healthy and more shinier curls. 

How often should you wash your curly hair?

washing hair- how to maintain curly hair

When it comes to how to maintain curly hair, we have had some ideas and thoughts on our minds. But have you ever thought about how often should your curly hair be washed? Generally, curly hair is hard to manage and difficult to maintain proper and thick curls. After every wash, the curls look really beautiful. But washing your curls every day can probably damage your hair. You just need to wash your hair 3-4 times a week with a hydrating and nourishing shampoo. The gentle wash leads to get the cuticle closed and maintain a healthy scalp. 

How to maintain curly hair overnight? 

Pineappling Your Curls for overnight hair hacks

It is very important to know some tips and tricks to manage the curls overnight. How to maintain curly hair overnight is really necessary to know. Mostly our curls get damage and frizzy while we are sleeping. Because of not using the right fabrics, and other reason our curls usually destroys. 

Here are some overnight tips to maintain curls:

  1. Always use a silk or satin pillowcase, bed sheets, scarfs, and hair bonnet. 
  2. Keep your hair in a pineapple shape with bands, clips, or sleep caps. 
  3. Make a braid or twist your hair into two strands.
  4. You can also make a loose bun after sleeping. 

Following these effective tips and tricks on how to maintain curly hair may help all the people who are suffering from frizzy and dry hair. These beauty tips can help to bring a healthy change to the hair roots and the strands. It will promote healthy, beautiful-looking, and smoother curls every day. 

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