At some point, most of us land up getting oily, greasy hair, if we don’t wash our hair regularly. And a little oil in our hair is not that bad. But for some of us, it gets more oily than we would like. And we want to know how to avoid getting oily hair?

That moment when you realized you used too much conditioner or product, or that you didn’t wash it out properly. How disappointing? You just washed your hair, then shouldn’t it be clean?

Do you ever think Why is it already oily when you just washed it 12 hours ago? For some people who frequently get oily hair, it can be a real pain to deal with. But how can you avoid getting oily hair?

how to avoid getting greasy, oily hair

What causes oily in My hair?

Oily, Greasy hair may be a condition that happens due to an excessive amount of oil, known as sebum, forms on the scalp.

All healthy hair produces sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous follicles. This sebaceous gland is found under the skin attached to the hair follicles. Sebum is produced to make the skin soft and supple, hydrating the scalp. It also helps to protect the hair.

For some people, the sebaceous gland tends to overproduce sebum making the scalp and roots of the hair extra oily. As a result, you tend to Induce dirty, limp locks that are not something you want in your hair.

For some people their hair may only get oily or dirty every few days, or after they put way too much hair product on it. In many countries, women use oil in their hair to improve its appearance. But for some people whose glands work in overdrive, this is a daily issue. But there are other reasons that cause oily hair too.

Let’s look into this.

The Possible Causes of Oily Hair

There is a number of possible reason that causes oily hair. Let’s explore some of them

how to avoid getting greasy, oily hair

Hair Type

People who have thin, fine, or straight hair are more likely to get an excessive amount of oil in comparison to curly, wavy, or thick hair.

This causes due to the oil sliding down the hair shaft more easily coating the hair and not only the scalp. As thinner hair is lighter in weight, it tends to make the hair look limp and volume-less.

General Hygiene

With the exception of washing your hair, other hygiene factors can also be the reasons for getting oily hair. If you constantly play with your hands through your hair, it is likely to become oily and greasy more quickly.

This happens because your hands tend to pick up dirt and oil pretty quickly and this transfers to your hair while run your hands through your hair.

The same for your hairbrush also. If you don’t clean your hairbrush often, then the oils from your hair stay on the brush and will transfer to your hair when you brush it again. If you are not changing your pillowcases regularly then it can also impact greasy hair. This can also affect your skin, causing breakouts.

OverWashing your hair

As your hair gets greasy a lot, you might want to keep washing your hair. Overwashing your hair can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more amount of oil than the normal time which results in greasy hair.

Tying up your hair at Night

Some of us prefer to tie hair up at night time  which is best to prevent hair from being oily


Due to hormones also some of us might get greasy, oily hair especially the week before the menstrual cycle.


Pollution, also one of the reasons to get oily, flat, limp hair. 


Taking an unhealthy diet can also affect our skin, our face, and our hair too. If your intake tends to be low in fruit, vegetables then you may get oily greasy hair.

The above mentioned are the possible reason that causes oily hair and forced us to take the step that helps us to avoid getting oily hair.

How to avoid getting oily hair?

how to avoid getting greasy, oily hair

As we have already seen that oily hair can be caused by several factors.

But there are some steps that will definitely help you to minimize the effect of this condition and helps to avoid getting oily hair.

Don’t overwash it

It might be difficult for you not to wash regularly but try to wash your hair less often, and only every 2 or 3 days if you can. Then only you can avoid getting oily hair.

Change your shampoo and conditioner

You should avoid using shampoo and conditioner that contain silicon, proteins, and lipids which cause your hair to more heavy, oily, and greasy looking.

If you have oily hair then use a mild type of cleansing shampoo. If you are not sure about which shampoo and conditions are best for you then contact the hair professional.

Don’t skip the conditioner

While washing your hair always uses a conditioner that suits your hair but not skips this. Also while using conditioner, avoid using too much on the roots. After using conditioner leave it for some time and then wash it out thoroughly with water.  Many people think that their hair is oily, but in fact, they need to wash the shampoo and conditioner properly which causes more oily.

Improve your general hygiene

You should also give your time to general hygiene. You have to clean your hairbrush, wash your pillowcases every 2-3 days. Also, avoid touching your hair with your hands. 

Improve your diet

You have to follow a healthy diet. You always have to make sure to have a balanced diet which not only good for your hair but also for your whole body. 

A healthy diet can help you to increase your intake of essentials nutrients to help improve the conditions of your hair.

Talk to your doctor if you have any medical condition

If you suffer from some medical problem which creates problems in your hair also, then you have to consult with your doctor about this. 

The Final Word

There are plenty of home based remedies that will help you to get it under control.

But you have to give some extra effort and follow the steps we have mentioned above on ‘how to avoid getting oily hair

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