An attractive look and a beautiful natural-looking face is the dream of every girl. Almost everyone wears makeup on their face to maintain a bright look. Makeup gives a strong facial expression. But some people don’t know how to apply blush in the right way.

And their big question at that time is literally how to apply blush in the right way. 

Blush is the essential makeup item that can provide you a beautiful, youthful glow. However, it can be challenging to know exactly how to make it look the best on your face.

how to apply blush

You have to use the proper application methods, apply in areas that best fit your face, and choose a color and texture that work best for your skin to make your blush look fantastic.

Here we have some of the amazing and mind-blowing tips to apply blush in the correct way. This technique can definitely help you in the future. Actually, it works for your lifetime.

How to apply blush on your Skin?

The most asked question of almost every girl is how to apply blush onto my skin in the right way. Let’s just go straight and talk about the ways to apply blush without any flaws and fear.

You need to follow all the steps we have mentioned below on how to apply blush on your face to make your face look more beautiful.

Nailing Down From The Basic

Step1: Apply Your Base before your Blush

First, you should apply your foundation, then your concealer, your bronzer, and so finally your blush on your face. After applying your blush, you have to put on your eyebrow makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then finally mascara.

It’s very important to do this in order to make sure that your makeup looks balanced and stays where you apply it.

Step 2: You can lightly sweep your brush through your powdered brush

If you want to use a powder then lightly sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush and then tap it to remove any excess.

After that apply the blush to your cheeks and then use a separate clean brush to blend well.

Step 3: You can dot and blend liquid blush with your finger

You can use a cream foundation if you are using a cream blush for the perfect results

Step 4: You can blot excess with a tissue

Don’t soften your blush by going over it with a translucent powder because this will make your face look dull. If you are using a cream brush then you can lightly dab your cheeks with the tissue

Complementing Your Face Shape with Blush

how to apply blush

Step1: You can apply blush to a heart-shaped face in a “C” shape

If your face is heart-shaped then apply your blush a little more softly in a curved line from the top of your temple down to your cheekbone.

Step 2: You can avoid the apples of your cheeks if you have a round face shape.

If you want to add more definition to your face then you can also lightly sweep the blush brush in a line underneath your cheekbones.

Don’t apply blush to the apples of your cheeks because this will make your face look more round which will definitely not suit on your face 

Step 3: If your face is more oval, then go from the cheekbone to the temple

 After that, you can use soft strokes, move from the most prominent part of your cheekbone down towards the earlobe. Then, add a touch of blush just above the temple as well. 

Step 4: You can also apply blush in a circular motion if you have a square shape face

 Also, you can directly apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion to soften and draw attention to the most round part of your face.

Choosing a Blush

how to apply blush

Step1: You can buy a baby pink, or peach color if you’re fair-skinned

If you have fair-skinned then light pink and peach tend to be the best on your skin because they are the most natural-looking blush colors. So you can buy a pink and peach which gives you a natural look.

Step2: You can use an apricot or mauve color if you have a medium skin tone. 

You know apricot is great for adding a subtle warming effect to those who have medium skin tones while mauve provides a more bold sense of depth. So you can use an apricot or mauve color if you have a medium skin tone.

Step 3: If you’re olive-skinned, then get a rose or bronze-colored blush. 

Rose provides just the right delicate, natural flush for olive skin. And 

 Bronze blush adds a little warmth and brightens your face.

Step 4: You can use raisin, brick, or bright tangerine, if you have a dark complexion

If you have a dark complexion then you can use bold colors like raisin or brick to highlight your skin tones without looking too over-the-top. If you want a neutral look then, try a bright tangerine blush

Step 5: You can use a powder blush if you have normal to oily skin.

Powder blush is better to use because it works well on nearly all skin types, goes on silky, and leaves a matte finish.

Also, powder blush is extremely likely to remain on and not need reapplication over longer periods of your time. 

Step 6: Also, you can go with a cream blush if you have dry or aging skin. 

Cream blush can hydrate your skin to keep it from looking too dry and helps to give you a perfect look. It tends to look a little dewy when applied and feels very lightweight, which helps in providing a more perfect blush look.

How do you get natural blush?

To get a natural bush look, you can apply beetroot. First, mash a beetroot and extract its juice, and drink in the morning time. Beetroot is extremely rich in iron and yes, you can drink a glass of juice every day to get a natural blush on your cheeks.

Now, from the above-mentioned steps on ‘How to apply blush correctly‘, you can easily apply blush onto your skin in a perfect way

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