If you ever ask me about popping a pimple, I would never suggest you pop a pimple. Don’t ask me why you may know the reason too. But to be honest, everyone does pop a pimple! Of course, no one wants to walk with an uncalled guest on their face everywhere! Especially when it comes to going to a date or a wedding party or any special occasion everyone tries to pop their pimple(everyone wants to look best, ofc!). So, to save you from the consequences of popping a pimple, this time we are here with you with safe ways to pop a pimple!
Stick with this article till the end to find out how.

Is Popping A Pimple Good Idea?

NO! Popping a pimple leaves a scar and spots on your face for a long period of time, which is even worse than having a pimple. Pimples may go on their own after a few days, but it may take forever to get rid of those acne scars caused due to the popping of a pimple.
If you have got some serious issues, you can take the help of experts to pop a pimple because popping needs to be in such a way that doesn’t push the bacterias deeper into the skin
However, minor cases of pimples can be cleared at home safely by following the tips given below.

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Pre-Preparations Before You Pop A Pimple

use cotton pads to pop a pimple
  • Always wash your hands properly before touching your face.
  • Don’t touch the pimples with your bare hands, use a tissue, cotton pads, or cotton swab to pop it.
  • Make sure that the pimple is ready to be popped.
  • Don’t pop pimples if you are on your periods, because during this time your skin is too sensitive, and you are likely to get dark spots and acne scars.

How To Pop A Pimple In a Right Way?

Tools You May Need

  • Disinfectant or a Handwash
  • Cotton pads
  • Tissue
  • Needle, peeler, or comedone extractor tool
  • Cleanser
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Exfoliator/Scrub


  • Wash your hands with disinfectant so that you don’t transfer bacteria to your face from your hands.
  • Exfoliate your face with the exfoliator or a scrub(chemical exfoliator suggested).
  • Clean your face with your cleanser.
  • Clean your tools too.
  • Run the comedone extractor or a needle through a flame and wipe it off. (You can also use rubbing alcohol)
  • Take your cotton pad and dip it into the rubbing alcohol to sterilize your pimple.
  • Now, be careful and hold your extractor tool parallel to the white part of the pimple.
  • Pierce it straight across the pimple at once in such a way that doesn’t push the needle down.
  • Create a small tear, and gently pull out the first part of the needle.
  • Now to release the pus, you need to take a clean tissue. Hold the pimple from either side and squeeze the pus out of the pimple. Be careful while squeezing, the pus should not spread on your skin.
  • Sometimes, a little blood may come out of the pimple along with the pus, which is totally normal.
  • Dab a cotton pad or a clean tissue on the pimple and let it soak for a few seconds.
  • And, you are done with popping a pimple. You can apply a toner, drying lotion, or spot treatment on your face with clean hands.

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hormonal acne

You all may be wondering, why should I pop a pimple when it naturally goes away?
Popping a pimple is not something that should be done every time you get a pimple. It is good if you want to stay home and wait for it to fade away naturally. These tips are for those who absolutely need to do it sometimes. But, even though it is considered bad to pop a pimple, it still has some good points like:

  • If you pop a pimple when it’s ripe, your skin heals much faster.
  • The redness and the bulged size of a pimple reduce considerably.
  • Makeup blends in a much easier way and lasts longer in a smooth skin texture.
  • Applying makeup and concealing the popped out pimple is easier than having red bumps pimples.

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