If you ever have glanced in the mirror at any chance and considered how to contour your nose more modestly, realize that there are steps you can take for your appearance to accept your seal of endorsement.

Contouring is a convenient little cosmetics stunt that can assist you with making your ideal nose shape. A little bit of highlighter and some contour on your nose can make all the difference all over your appearance. How to contour your nose smaller? Well, you can’t change the real shape of your nose by snapping with your fingers, but you can utilize makeup products to make them look better temporarily. 

contoured nose

Stressing on how to contour your nose perfectly will be a big stupid thing to stress about. There are many ways and tricks on how to contour your nose. Just tuned in for a bit-by-bit instruction on how to contour your nose and a couple of extra tricks for changing the appearance of your nose with cosmetics products. 

Does Contouring your nose really work?

Contouring your nose can significantly bring changes to the shape and size of your nose appearance if you do it in a perfect way. Generally, people are also worried about how to contour your nose. The suitable makeup products to contour that is slightly darker or lighter than your natural skin tone help to make your nose appear slimmer. However, it won’t actually make your nose smaller, shorter, and thinner in real but to achieve a pinched and slimmer nose, contouring is ideal to blend inwards, towards the focal point of the nose.

Do you contour before or after foundation?


Focusing only on how to contour your nose will not make your face appearance look the best. You also need to consider other things like foundations and other products. Before the application of contour makeup on your nose, firstly you need to apply a foundation of the same color that matches your skin tone. Choose a foundation or a concealer of a few shades lighter than your natural tone and apply to the focal point of your nose where the sun would naturally hit. Only after that, you are suppose to figure out how to contour your nose. 

Steps on how to contour your nose

Figuring out how to form your nose can immensely affect your general look. Regardless of whether you have a long, elegant nose or a perky one, molding/contouring can assist with making measurements on the off chance that you’re hoping to characterize a piece. 

Anything is possible if you really want it, you simply need to know which areas to emphasize with a little shape or feature in the ideal spots. You can totally change the size or state of your nose, it’s absolutely dependent upon you. 

The Everyday Contour: Lighter-Than-Light For A Super-Natural Finish

Best tool for contouring your nose

Wondering how to contour your nose or which brush or tool to use to contour your nose? Only contouring your nose with fingers will not give you a perfect look. You also need the best tool to apply and blend. The best brush or tool to contour and blend the makeup product will be the BARE MINERALS Blooming blush brush which is great to contour your nose. 

foundation brush vs beauty blender

Step 1: Prep your Face

Before starting to contour your nose, you first need to prep and prime a base to create a flawless look. By the application of an oil-free primer, foundation, and concealer on the surface of the skin and blend them properly. 

Step 2: Highlight 

The simple way to create a smooth contour is by reshaping the look of your nose with a bright highlighter. Using a creamy highlighter which a shade or two shades brighter than your natural skin tone, make a straight line from top to bottom in the center of your nose. Instead of a highlighter you also can use a light shade concealer that best suits your skin tone. 

Step 3: Blend 

Taking a micro mini beauty blender or a suitable brush to blend the makeup product (highlighter or concealer) on the top of your nose. Or you can also use your fingertips to blend them. Blend them on your skin taking your time so that the products will seems natural. 

Step 4: Contour 

steps of nose contouring

Start with a cream contour or contour powder with a shape or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Or you can also use a dark brown eyeshadow if you don’t have a contour palette. Dip a clean thin nose contour brush in a product and draw a line straight down from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of your nose on your both side. It depends on you how thinner you want your nose to be. If you draw the lines closer to each other, it will make your nose look thinner, so draw wisely. 

Step 5: Blend Again 

Once you are satisfied with your nose look, use a micro mini blender or a thin brush to blend the makeup products on your nose until you achieve a flawless and natural look. 

Step 6: Set with Powder

The heavy sweat and the oil production by your skin will not let the makeup product stay on for more time. So, you have to set the contour and highlighter on your skin using a loose powder. Just dip the brush on the powder and do tap-tap to remove excess powder from the brush and sweep on your nose to set the products. 

how to contour your nose

Step 7: Form your cheeks and temples too

Only reshaping your nose will not enough to have a balanced and perfect appearance. Why only contouring your nose, you also need to contour your cheekbones, foreheads, and jawline to have a complete, balanced, and radiant look. 

Remember one thing that whether you contour your nose or not, your nose will always look gorgeous. Following the steps on how to contour your nose will actually provide you the pointed, pinched, and slimmer appearance of your nose. 

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